2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

Today, I am telling you 2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season. As Corona is becoming a disaster for all other countries around the world, around many lakhs of people are suffering from it and many thousands of people lost their lives in the 2020 corona pandemic.

In this blog, you will come to know some of the frequently asked questions by people around the world during the rainy season and their answers by famous experienced experts.

How to take care of your health during rainy monsoon?

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

1. Do coronaviruses get affected during the rainy season?

As per ongoing research, there is not any case found. There is no effect on Coronaviruses in any season or temperature.

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

2. Can rainwater kill coronaviruses?

No, only soap can destroy the molecular structure of viruses

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

3. Do Coronavirus behavior change in the rainy season?

No, there is no proof …but coronavirus can stay more active at any surface during the rainy season

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

4. Can Coronavirus stay active inside the home?

Yes, that’s why to keep every corner of your home clean by using antiseptic liquids.

5. What should be the precautions taken during the rainy season?

Use mask, hand sanitizer, cover every part of the body, wear sleepers all the time and take bath using antiseptic soap at least 2 to 3 times a day.

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

6. Diseases increase during rainy days, can it increase the chance of corona infection?

During the rainy season, bacteria and viruses are on the rise so, our immune system has to do more work…this can decrease immune system efficiency hence it can increase a change of corona infection.

2020 Experts Tips About Corona in Rainy Season

7. Is there any effect on the virus at high temperatures?

No, this virus can survive at high temperatures

8. Mask can become wet in rain, can it increase corona infection?

Mask will become of no use when wet….just through it

9. Using raincoat in rain can increase the chances of corona?

Yes, Just rinse your raincoat in boiled water(with Dettol solution) after use

10. Can an increase in humidity decrease corona spread?

Yes, as air will contain more water. so there will be much more weight in water droplets… ultimately decrease spreading of coronavirus drops

11. Is there any effect of rain on human immunity?

No, there is no effect of rain on immunity. but during the rainy season, there are more bacteria and viruses in the air. which ultimately increases the workload on the immune system.

12. Can Stay in the AC room increase the chance of corona spread?

Yes, because it will decrease humidity and spread air in all regions of the space.

13. Do traveling in AC enabled transport services to increase the chance of spreading corona?

Yes, as there is no ventilation available in locked AC trains and buses. So, there are chances of spreading corona.

14. Which fruits or vegetables are useful in improving immunity during the rainy season?

Eat food that contains vitamin A, B, C, D, E etc…for example:- oranges, almonds, leeches, carrot, reddish or sweet potato, etc

15. What should be the daily routine to improve immunity during this period?

Do Yoga, exercises…and from meditation, with immunity boosters, medication day and night could be strong things against any disease.

16. Can Water drain out from corona affected homes spread Corona?

Yes, coronaviruses can be found in every part of the body fluid…it can spread through the drainage system.

17. Can an infected person spread corona through their excreates?

Yes, as per research done by doctors or scientist…it is proved that it can spread from one place to another with the help of body fluids and waste.

18. Using phones increases the chance of corona infection?

Yes, it is possible as most of the people stay on their phones at least 5 to 10 hours a day…if an infected person takes it then the viruses can spread through mobile.

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