Tips before practicing law in India in 2020

 Tips before practicing law in India in 2020

useful tips before practicing law in india

Today, I will let you find 7 useful tips before practicing law in India. As we know Thousands of people get a law degree every year And they come out to practice law with hundreds of dreams in their eyes. And then in a few days, They came to realize that doing law was the biggest mistake of their life.

Because of the help and support that they expect from their seniors, they did not get that at all. And at some places, it has been seen that their seniors start exploiting them.

Their Seniors bear such a burden on the shoulders of juniors that they succumb to the burden and then they decide to quit court practice.

Today, I am sharing 7 Useful tips before practicing law in India through my blog, I will tell you some tips which prove to be a milestone in your court practice.

7 Success Tips how to start practicing law in india?
useful tips before practicing law

1. Ask Your Heart

Before starting any work, ask your heart once whether the work you are starting, you love it or not if you are adopting that work after seeing the success of other advocates. then your failure is sure. It is not necessary that after finishing law, you have only one option left and that is court practice.

You have lots more work to do. you can become a good lecturer in a college or you can join a legal firm etc.

But if only one voice comes out of your heart that you just have to start court practice only then put your hundred percent in that work Because until you do not love your work you will not be able to succeed in that work.

2. Select Good Seniors/Advocate

When you finally decided that you only want to be an advocate then now comes the next step that you should choose a good charioteer as Arjun choose, who can tell you that what is right?& what is wrong ? and prepare you for future battle.

In such a situation, I would advise you that choose such seniors who will give you some money with knowledge. I am saying this because it will have two benefits.

The first benefit will be that there will never be any thought in your mind that I am not getting anything, so why should I work hard and the other thing is that the senior who will give you money.

Obviously He will try How much money he has put on you he will recover more than that, he will teach you how to do that work and also expect from you that you will always do your work on time.


Wear your best attire and visit court everyday kyuki kehte hai na “the first impression is the last impression” and “joh dikhta hai wohi bikta hai” Appreciate the time, your 1-minute delay spoils your entire day because it is often seen that once your case name is missed, then your case name is announced again after the entire list is over. And for that, you have to stand there.

7 Success Tips how to start practicing law in india?


Never go to court with an empty hand. Always keep a diary and pen with you and if possible copy the diary of your seniors.

By this, you already know which court you have to go to and what you have to say in that matter because if you do not prepare in advance, your senior will understand that you are not interested in this work.


Do not waste your time in the work of frivolities and in the things of frivolity. Spend as much time as possible in reading old Case files, which will give you two advantages.

Firstly, you will understand the crux of that case and secondly you will learn the art of drafting how we prepare our papers which will help us a lot.

The more time you spend on reading old Case files the better you will learn to draft and learning to draft itself is equal to winning a battle which is a sign of good lawyers.


You can’t depend on your seniors for every minor task. You can learn as much as you want. Both YouTube and Google are full of this stuff. Just you have to press four buttons and the solution to each of your problems will be found there.

You have to be independent and have to make all your decisions yourself. You will not become a successful lawyer until you make your own decisions.


In the last, I just want to tell you that whatever you learned, keep writing it in your diary and will continue to teach Others.

The more people you teach, the more improvement you will find inside yourself, We hope that our Blog will helpful for you.

Friends, if you focus on all the points mentioned by us and take them one by one in your life, then 1 day will come that all the legal knowledge will be in your mind.

All the rules, orders, sections, would be on your finger’s tip and you would be counted among the well-known lawyers in the city and nothing can stop you from becoming successful.

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