The center has already started to boost its efforts. So as to restart its business activities to contain the effect that has been caused due to COVID-19. A Delhi based company has come up with AYUSH KWATH. An immunity booster herbal formulation in easy to carry sachets. To help protect people on the move from contracting the virus.

The AYUSH ministry on April 24. Had handed out a herbal decoction recipe to the states and union territories. Aking them to promote its commercial manufacturing. And telling people that it can boost body immunity.


The AYUSH KWATH is made of basil leaves, cinnamon bark, dry ginger powder, black pepper will be manufactured. And sold in generic name ‘ÁYUSH KWATH’ or ‘AYUSH JOSHANDA’. According to a letter written by the ministry to all the states, UTs and Ayurveda-Siddha-Unani (ASU) drug manufacturers on April 24.

‘We all know that good immunity can be a great shield against COVID-19’. As people are stepping out of their homes. To earn a livelihood. The launch of herbal formula in a sachet format can a good product for our healthcare.

‘People can easily carry these AYUSH KWATH sachets in their pockets or bags and can consume wherever and whenever. By mixing it in water.

Sanchit Sharma the director of AIMIL Pharma said. That as directed by the union Ayush ministry. The herbal formulation comprises of best quality of herbs. which are known for their immunity. Enhancing properties and the formulation is also available in powder and tablet form.

Sharma said that the idea behind providing AYSUH KWATH in a pocket-friendly sachet is to bring the immunity booster product. Within easy reach of maximum people across rural and urban areas.

According to the experts, while COVID-19 reduces the immune response of an infected person. It has also been observed that mostly it targets people with low immunity. The experts feel that the improvement of the immune system helps in reducing the effects of the infection and also fights COVID-19.


The prime minister in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ recommended for the usage of AYUSH KWATH. And told that people across the world are now paying the special importance to Ayurveda and Yoga amid COVID-19.

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