Best Places In Odisha

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Best Places In Odisha 

Filled with temples and many religious sites, while on the other hand are hill stations, valleys, national parks, beaches, and rivers. Here are some of the best tourist places in Odisha

Ornately carved buildings inside a walled compound of Lingaraja Hindu Temple complex

1. Bhubaneswar

Also known as the Temple City of India. Bhubaneswar is among the best tourist places to visit in Odisha. An example of history, heritage, and urbanization. The place has got temples with amazing artwork, wildlife sanctuaries, and exhilarating caves. The Best Time To Visit is October to March. The Best Places In Odisha.

A sand artist making a beautiful piece of sand art at the Golden Beach of Puri

2. Puri

Puri is an amazing destination to visit. It is ranked as the top tourist places in Odisha. Explore the temples in Puri, the sun-kissed beaches, and local bustling markets. Tourists visit these places around the year. The Best Time To Visit is July to March.

Best Places In Odisha

3. Konark

A hub of ancient art and sculpture and also the best Odisha destinations. The Konark Sun Temple, one of the seven wonders of India, attracts a large number of tourists all year. Along with temples, the city has a beach and an archaeological museum to explore. Discovering the artwork & sculptures of the Konark Sun Temple. This place is a must-visit in Odisha. The Best Time To Visit is September to March.

The road leading to the Barabati Fort in Cuttack

4. Cuttack

Cuttack is a popular tourist place in Orissa. Also the business capital of the state. Known for many ancient pilgrim centers, forts, museums, lakes, and islands. This place also boasts of local handicrafts. The Best Time To Visit is July to March.

Best Places In Odisha

5. Bargarh

Less popular tourist destinations of Odisha. The amazing temples and the surrounding beauty make this place a must-visit destination. This place has a mythological significance as Gandhamadan Parvat. Mentioned in the Hindu epic of Ramayana. The Best Time To Visit is October to March. The Best Places In Odisha.

A beautiful shot of the Duduma Falls in Jeypore

6. Jeypore

Jeypore is a delightful tourist place in Odisha for nature lovers. Also known for offering spellbinding views of rocky outcrops. Picturesque waterfalls, and lush green biosphere reserves. Deomali is the highest peak of the state. Also, a picnic spot in Odisha located not very far from Jeypore. The Best Time To Visit is October to February

Best Places In Odisha

7. Barbil

Located near the Karo River in Keonjhar. Barbil is a lesser-known tourist spot in Odisha. This place is surrounded by luxuriant forests. They offer breathtaking beauty and a break away from the maddening city crowd. The Best Time To Visit is October to March.

A beautiful shot of the dockyard at Paradip

8. Paradip

Paradip or Paradeep, a famous seaport of India. Located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Mahanadi. Along with this seaport, the city also has some amazing beaches. They offer mesmerizing views of the surroundings. The Best Time To Visit is October to February. The Best Places In Odisha.

Best Places In Odisha

9. Rourkela

The largest city of Odisha. Also known for the steel plant and associated industrial growth. It pulls tourists with its temples, parks, dams, and waterfalls. These things make it the best place to visit in Odisha. You can do trekking, picnic, and shopping in Rourkela. The Best Time To Visit is October to March.

The Samaleswari Temple in Sambalpur region of Orissa lit at night for the prayers

10. Sambalpur

Sambalpur has natural splendor & cultural sites. Also an important tourist place in Odisha. This landscape has many waterfalls and lush green forests. They excite photography buffs, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts. The Best Time To Visit is September to March.

Best Places In Odisha

11. Pipli

The small town of Odisha. Known for its craft and handicraft. The artisans do a great job with embroidery and colors. That makes this town stand out not just in the country but in the world as well. If you visit Odisha, then do head to this town and buy handicrafts and souvenirs from here. The Best Time To Visit is from October to January.

The front view of the Roopark Tribal Village Resort in Orissa

12. Roopark Village

A beautiful resort located in Odisha. This place is famous because it is eco friendly. Enjoy nature at this top place. This place offers beautiful scenic views of mountains and lush green lands. They surround the village resort. You can enjoy sunsets and sunrises here. The Best Time To Visit is October to March.

Taptapani hot springs in Odisha that have a divine significance

13. Taptapani

A famous place in Odisha for hot water spring. This spring is said to have medicinal attributes. That makes it a tourist attraction. There is a pond next to the hot spring. People can have a bath and make use of the medicinal properties of the hot water spring. The Best Time To Visit is October to March. The Best Places In Odisha.

Best Places In Odisha

14. Atri

A small village in the Khurda district of Odisha. Also famous for its hot spring that is present here. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar to reach this place. The medicinal properties of the spring are can cure skin diseases. The Best Time To Visit is October to February.


15. Baripada

Baripada a cultural center of Odisha. Located in the Mayurbhanj district. This place is known for its art and culture. Among the famous tourist places in Odisha. You can also see a lot of stars of the Ollywood emerging from this town. This town has its own dance form which is quite famous in the world, known as the Chhau dance. The Best Time To Visit is October to June.

Best Places In Odisha

16. Gopalpur

Situated on the Bay of Bengal coast. This town is in the south of the state. It is among the top tourist place in Odisha. This town is a port city and has famous beaches. Go beach hopping here and chill and relax here, on one of the beaches. The Best Time To Visit is from November to February. The Best Places In Odisha.


17. Berhampur

On the east of Odisha lies the town of Berhampur. Reaching here is easy as the town is connected to all the major towns through roadways. The town also has a railhead for those commuting by railways. The city has some temples that you can visit. The Best Time To Visit is October to June.

Best Places In Odisha

18. Dhauli

Located on the banks of the river Daya. Dhauli is close to Bhubaneshwar, at a distance of 8 km from the city. This place got its significance from the Kalinga War. That has been fought on the Dhauli Hill. There is a famous Shanti Stupa that attracts visitors from far. It also makes Dhauli a famous tourist place in Odisha. The Best Time To Visit is July to February


19. Daringbadi

One of the best tourist places in Odisha state. Also referred to as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’. You must take a road trip to this hill station and enjoy the scenic views along the way. The nearest railhead is at Brahmapur from where you can take the bus to the city. The Best Time To Visit is September to May.

Best Places In Odisha

20. Talasari Beach

A beautiful beach in Odisha located in the Baleswar district of Odisha. Only at a distance of 10 km from Digha. Having pristine surroundings, this beach is among the secret beaches that enhances the beauty of this place. Away from the busy life, this beach is adorned by sand dunes. Palm trees and cashew trees. The Best Time To Visit is October to December. Best Places In Odisha.

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