Best Places To Visit In Assam

1. Guwahati

The best place in the northeast. Also, the largest and most vibrant city in the region. Guwahati is the first state when talking about the other seven sisters. This city is a blend of old and new sights. Having lots of interesting temples to explore, when it comes to tourist places in Guwahati. Said to be the Best Places To Visit In Assam.

Best Places To Visit In Assam

2. Jorhat

Jorhat, a beautiful city also known as the Tea capital of the world. Because of the multiple numbers of tea plantations here. It is an administrative district of the Indian state of Assam. That is located in the central part of the Brahmaputra Valley. This city is home to the historical monuments of Assamese culture. Also one of the largest tea producers.

3. Tezpur

Also known as the “Social Capital of Assam”. Tezpur is a town and urban place in Sonitpur district, Assam state, India. This place has lush tea gardens. It also has an endless extent of paddy fields. Along the cultural center, it is also an educational destination apart from having a rich history.

4. Sonitpur

A district in the state of Assam in India. Sonitpur means ‘City of Blood’. Sonitpur area lies in between the foothills of the Himalayas and Brahmaputra that shapes its southern border. Also a home to several beautiful and wildlife hotspots. With several such wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are situated in and around Sonitpur.

5. Bogamati

Bogamati is located near the Indo-Bhutan border region. This place is a hotspot for a picnic that lies at the mouth of river ‘Barnadi’. ‘Bogamati’ refers to a white river in the Assam. And it has got vast deposits of white sand and stone in the banks of the stream. Best Places To Visit In Assam.

Best Places To Visit In Assam

6. Sivasagar

Sivasagar is a city in Assam, India. Also the headquarters of the Sivasagar district. The city gets its name from the big lake, Sivasagar. That is located in the heart of the city. This popular destination in Assam is set amidst the rich and diverse biodiversity. That is encompassed by numerous historic attractions. Tourism in Sivasagar is well known for the monuments and royal residences, they are a work of excellence.

7. Dispur

Dispur is a beautiful city in Assam. It has got some of the panoramic views and unique traditions. The rich tribal culture of this place along the lively flora and fauna is for nature lovers. This place is also home to some of the important buildings as well as landmarks. Like the state emergency operations, assam secretariat, and state assembly house. Another Best Places To Visit In Assam.

8. Silchar

Silchar is the district headquarters of Cachar. Also recognized as the ‘Island of Peace’ along the North-East side of the nation. Found on the shores of River Barak. Silchar attracts thousands of tourists for its natural beauty, lush and diversified heritage, and improved infrastructure. Silchar is beautiful in its way. The river Barak strengthens the beauty of the city.

9. Majuli Island

The land surrounded by the mighty river the Brahmaputra and its distributaries. This place is reachable through a ferry ride from Jorhat from where Neemati Ghat is 14 km away. The most important aspect here is the cultural and historical concoction. That is well descriptive with the presence of tribes like Misings, Doris. And their celebration of the culture of Neo-Vaishnavism is watch-worthy. 

Best Places To Visit In Assam

10. Kakochang Waterfalls

Half an hour’s drive towards East from Kaziranga National park. This place will make anyone go awestruck with the beauty. That is channelized in the form of Kakochang waterfall. The clear waters are falling from the top of the hill. And accumulating in the natural pond below is just amazing. You can feel the drops sprinkling on your face. Best Places To Visit In Assam.

Best Places To Visit In Assam
Best Places To Visit In Assam

11. North Cachar Hills

Also known as Dima Hasao district of Assam. The place has got minor and major tribes like Dimasa kachauris, Zeme Nagas, The Hmars and The Kukis. Having minimum population in terms of space covered. Anyone who is visiting these hills can experience Nature even with their eyes closed. Best Places To Visit In Assam.

Best Places To Visit In Assam

12. Hajo

An ancient pilgrimage center located 24 km in Northwest, from Guwahati on the banks of Brahmaputra. This place is well connected by roads, is a well distinct place to visit in Assam. The whole area coming under Hajo is beautifully studded with temples and sacred artifacts. Like each of them is a graceful diamond. 

Best Places To Visit In Assam

13. Haflong Lake

Haflong is a perfect tourist place to visit in Assam. Situated away from cities. Nearest urban city is Silchar and is 100 km from Haflong. A beautiful place to visit here is Haflong lake. The crystal clear waters excites people to take boat rides in the lake on the other.

Best Places To Visit In Assam
Best Places To Visit In Assam

14. Bongaigaon

 A tour of this place will allow you to experience the richness of nature. The ancient structures, and the buildings of the vibrant cultural heritage of the glorious past. Bagheswari temple is the central and oldest Temple of Bongaigaon. It houses the shrine of Lord Shiva. Koyakujia Bil, which is an eco-park that is near a place named Abhayapuri. It is a place full of flora and fauna, and numerous migratory birds. They can be seen here during the winter season.

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