Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

1. Dimapur

A town that has excellent road conditions and lots of scenic landscape. The town offers many opportunities for nature and history lovers. The 13th-century Kachari Ruins is the most attractive place in Dimapur. The ruins here are the evidence of the Ahom invasion. For nature lovers, Dimapur takes them on an unforgettable journey. Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

Nichuguard Village, Kuki Dolong Village, Chumukedima. Seithekima Village and Medziphema are some of the places. Mostly known for its spectacular landscape beauty. A quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city lives.

Diphupar is among the best places in Nagaland. Ruzaphema is a one-stop-shop in Dimapur. This place is famous for exhibiting some of the finest artifacts of Nagaland.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland Nagaland

2. Kohima

The capital of Nagaland. Kohima, the most charming place to visit in Nagaland. Kohima didn’t lose its natural charms. Along with the remains, one of the most charismatic destinations to see in the state. The blend of the ancient and the modern. Has made this town an interesting place to visit.

The place has many scenic views. It is a perfect mixture of culture and history. The Japfu Peak (3048m) and Puliebadze Peak have always been famous attractions for tourists. Among the Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

3. Mokokchung

A beautiful and lively district in Nagaland. Mokokchung is becoming a hotspot for tourism in Nagaland.

It is having a pristine environment is worth falling in love with. Known for its ethnic handloom and handicraft. Ungma is another destination of interest in the Mokokchung district. It is believed to be the first place founded by the Ao tribe.

Ungma is said to be a living museum of the Ao tribe. Chuchuyimlang a tourist village. Also known as the festival village. This village is known for the celebration of the festivals of Ao Nagas.

Mon Nagaland

4. Mon

Mon is an interesting place to visit in Nagaland. Majorly known for warriors with tattoos on their faces, headhunting prowess. Along with blackened teeth people. Mon is an amazing place to be in Nagaland.

You can have a number of interesting encounters. If you happen to be in Longwa (the biggest village in Mon district). It shares the border of Myanmar. You can actually have half of your body in India while the other half in Myanmar.

Many trophies made of animals’ skulls in the residence is an unforgettable sight. Shangnyu Village and its famed wooden carving. Along with Veda Peak and Chui Village are some of the other attractions on Mon. In April, you can witness the lively harvest festival of Konyak Nagas. Also called Aoleang Monyu Festival. It is a weeklong festival, celebrated by offering sacrifices and hosting large feasts.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

5. Wokha

Dotted with colorful orchards, carpeted with multi-hued flowers, and fringed by hills and rivers. Wokha is surely a nature lovers’ paradise. Located about 4 hours drive from Kohima. A tourist village above Riphyim is also a major attraction in the Wokha district.

Wokha is the land of the Lotha tribe. You have wonderful opportunities here to interact with the tribal people. And know about their traditional art and craft. Among the Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

6. Dzukou Valley

Blessed with beauty. Dzukou Valley (2438m) is located at a distance of about 30kms from the state capital, Kohima. Valley’s are a trekker’s delight and is said to be the best trekking circuit in the country.

An unexplored and pristine land. That replete with a sizeable number of multi-hued flowers. This place is certainly a must-visit place in Nagaland.

The best time to visit Dzukou Valley in spring. At that time the entire valley blossoms with flowers and looks heavenly.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

7. Tuophema Village

Located about 41kms away from Kohima. Tuophema is built around the ethnic model of tourism. This village offers traditionally styled huts, traditional artifacts, jewelry. Along with clothing and souvenir museum and authentic Naga delicacies.

Khonoma Green Village Gate

8. Khonoma Green Village

Located at a distance of 20kms from Kohima. Khonoma Green Village is an amazing place to visit. This village is the home of the Angami tribe. To those who have given up hunting. Now practice agriculture to make a living.

In this village, baskets are woven and handloom work is done along with agriculture. Khonoma is undoubtedly a beautiful place. Among the Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

9. Benreu

Benreu is a village located in the Peren district of Nagaland. This village is located on a ridge. That signifies ethnic tourism in Nagaland. This village is a wonderful gateway to a quiet and peaceful holiday.

The simple village life along with their day-to-day activities is a major attraction. This place is having some breathtaking landscape of the place.

Shilloi Lake Meluri Nagaland

10. Meluri

Meluri is a part of the Phek district of Nagaland. This small village is located halfway on the important route to Mt. Saramati in Kiphire district. Meluri is the land of the Pochury tribe. They are known for their excellent hunting skills. For any traveler in Meluri, the major attraction are the interesting rock formations. Meluri is also known for its Dzudu and Shilloi.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

11. Kiphire

Kiphire, an inspiring district in Nagaland. Having attractive landscape views. Kiphire is also an ideal place for adventure lovers. You can indulge in activities like trekking, rafting, and canoeing. Kiphire also has the highest peak of Nagaland called Saramati (3841m).

Kiphire has got some scenic villages. Like the Pungro, Salumi, and Mimi. These villages have a number of caves and waterfalls. These add to the charm of this gorgeous destination. Among the Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

Tuensang Nagaland

12. Tuensang

The homeland of the Chang Nagas. Chang is the predominant tribe here. Tuensang is known as the place where many tribes live together. This co-existence has resulted in blend of culture and tradition in this district. This place is also popular for its handloom, handicrafts, artworks and jewellery.

Among the best places to go shopping in Nagaland. Changsangmonko and Chilise, Chunglimiyti, and Tsadang Village. These villages make some of the most interesting places to see in Tuensang.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

13. Longleng

Known for its adventurous 32km road. Usually taken by thrill-seekers. Longleng is the home of Phom Nagas. They were having skills in pottery, bamboo work, and spinning. The marketplace in Longleng is a major attraction.

The main festival here is called Monyu. This festival marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of summer. A six-day festival that displays the best of Longleng culture. Spend some time amidst the quiet and beautiful landscape of Longleng. Among the Best Places To Visit In Nagaland.

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