Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

Keep reading to know about some of the Best Places To Visit In West Bengal.


1. Kolkata

Kolkata is India’s second-largest city. The 350-year-old city located on India’s Eastern Coast. It is the capital of West Bengal. Also known as the ‘City of Joy’. This place is overflowing with liveliness. Shoppers can expect to be amazed by the things at a cheap price, the hand-pulled-rickshaws. Wandering avenues, and countless desserts. Some other interesting places are The Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Fort William. Eden Gardens, and Jorasanko Thakur Bari – the ancestral home of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Beautiful scenes

2. Darjeeling

If one wants to see the amazing snow pinnacles of Kanchenjunga. Along with the wonderful tea cultivations, the sweet-smelling orchids. Adding the greenery of the pines, and the adorable Himalayan toy train making its way through the dazzling mountains. They must head to the city of Darjeeling. This place is a gem known for its old-world charm. For a well-needed break from the blistering, this city is one of the best tourist places. Among the Best Places To Visit In West Bengal.

The Sundarbans

3. The Sundarbans

A UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the biggest mangrove eco-arrangement in the world. Sundarbans is home to one of India’s most notorious life species, the Royal Bengal Tiger. The interconnectedness of water streams in The Sundarbans. Are one of the most appealing and charming spots on earth. This extraordinary land is home to 250 tigers and many birds, reptiles, and various invertebrates including crocodiles. This natural heaven is located about 110 km from Kolkata.


4. Mandarmani

The village of Mandarmani is located at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the biggest and quickly developing resort villages of West Bengal. And is found about 180 km from Kolkata. It is said to be the longest drive-in seashore in India. One can relax, swim, and enjoy each moment of their stay at this seashore.


5. Kalimpong

A place of cultures, from the Indians, British, Nepalese, and Tibetans is situated 3 hours away from Darjeeling. Its flowering gardens, Buddhist monasteries, historic churches, and sacred temples make it a renowned tourist destination. Offering panoramic views of the Himalayan range, this hill station is at an altitude of 4100 ft. Make sure to participate in the various activities available here such as the great hill walks, bird watching, and shopping at the Kalimpong Market Square.


6. Gaur-Pandua

Gaur-Pandua is home to ruins of the architecture during the rule of the Muslim Sultans. Most of the ruins are mosques and tombs. Such as the Baro Sona Masjid, Tomb of Fateh Khan, Adina Masjid, and Eklakhi Mausoleum. The twin towns are located in the district of Malda. Also known as the Mango City.


7. Shantiniketan

A town in the Birbhum region of West Bengal. It is located around 212 km from Kolkata. This place was the residence of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Now a university, this place draws a huge number of tourists every year. Among the best Places To Visit In West Bengal.


8. Hooghly

Hooghly is located only 47 km from Kolkata The town bears testimony to the rule of outsiders. Such as the British, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the Germans and Austrians at various settlements.

Cooch Behar

9. Cooch Behar

Known for its fine atmosphere, freshness, and magnificence. During the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the Pala-Senas controlled Cooch Behar. The main attraction in Cooch Behar is the royal residence. Of the Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan. Intended to resemble the old European style of the Italian Renaissance. This eminent castle was built by the Maharaja in the year 1887.


10. Mayapur

Located at the intersection of the Ganga and Jalangi rivers. This religious center is a city with scenic views and many sanctuaries. Mayapur is a Vaishnavite tourist spot. It was established by the Bhakti saint Vinod Thakur. Mayapur is renowned for Chandrodaya Temple, Shree Chaitanyamath, and Goswami Maharaj Temple of Dashavatar.


11. Siliguri

The gateway to the North East region of the country. Siliguri is a city that is sitting in Jalpaiguri. Among the most beautiful tourist places in West Bengal. Siliguri is home to an international airport. This place usually acts as a stop before tourists go and explore the other cities. Siliguri has a lot more to offer though. This city is covered with an impeccable number of natural marvels. That includes lush green trees and stunning national parks. This makes it one of the most refreshing ones of all.


12. Mirik

Mirik is one of the most intriguing tourist places in West Bengal. This valley is sitting on the shores of a hill and exhibits marvelous panoramic views. With mountains and river bodies that look so amazing. A vacation to West Bengal will be incomplete if Mirik is left out. Ranging from romantic boating experience and beautiful orchid lands. To architecturally aesthetic temples.


13. Digha

Digha might be one of the places to see in West Bengal for you. Having untouched and unspoiled beaches. Digha is a town that is located; on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The scenic views and tranquil beaches in this town are perfect for those who wish to escape from the bustling world. This town is not only famed for its beaches but for an absolute experience this town has to offer. With temples, beaches, and museums this town has a lot to offer to tourists.


14. Kurseong

Located a few kilometers from Darjeeling. This is one of the most awe-inspiring tourist places in West Bengal, Kurseong. Kurseong is also known as the ‘Land of White Orchids’. This place is home to magnificent waterfalls, religious temples, and the stunning Buddhist gompas. This is a quiet, little hill station that has pleasant weather almost throughout the year. The monsoons make this town extremely beautiful. With all the flora and foliage looking fresher than ever. There is an abundance of white orchids that can be found on the slopes of the hills in Kurseong.


15. Durgapur

Known as the ‘Steel Capital of East India’. Durgapur is a town located on the banks of the Damodar River in West Bengal. Offering the finest concoction of small-town vibes and the metro city energy. Durgapur is one of the amazing West Bengal tourist places that are not to be missed out on. This town is filled with old traditional markets. Shimmering temples, and vast parks for the little ones to spend their leisure time in this state.


16. Bakkhali

This town might be small but is a world on its own. Located on the coast of West Bengal. Bakkhali is the place that gives one an opportunity to get closer to the wonders of mother nature. This is not your typical beach spot. Its is not just about loud music nights and alcohol-laden evenings. Its a lot more than that. Bakkhali is more about beach walks, islands, cycle tours, wind farms, and boat rides. For the one who are in search of an exotic getaway, Bakkhali is the place to be.


17. Bishnupur

The structures of terracotta temples can never be expressed. Bishnupur is one of those West Bengal destinations that is famed for such reddish temples. These temples are a treat for the eyes and soul. This town is brimming with a rich culture. Found in the form of music, architecture, and of course, handicrafts. This cultural inherence in town is clear from the classical music heard in every other residence.


18. Bardhaman

Bardhaman is a must-visit on your trip to West Bengal. Ranging from the religious aura and man-made architectural marvels. To the old-world charm and natural wonders.Tthis town that has everything. Bardhaman is a town that is uniqueness in its own way.

19. Dooars

Dooars is among the best places to visit in West Bengal. It is also the West Bengal sightseeing destinations. That is known for its mighty range of mountains. Along with thick forests, rich flora and fauna, and tea gardens. These floodplains start from the river Teesta. It continue till river Sankoshi. The name ‘Dooars’ comes from the word ‘doors’. As these floodplains are the ‘doors’ to Bhutan.

20. Raichak

A riverside town located at a distance of 50 kms from Kolkata city. This town is unexplored and is fresh. The town is free from all kinds of urban and commercial settings. It is untouched by the tide of time that makes it one of the beautiful places to visit in West Bengal. The town consists of a plethora of forts that adds to the old-world charm of this town.

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