Birth Order: Influence On Your Personality Traits

Are you the first born child of your family? Or are you the youngest child? Or , even worse, are you the middle-born? What is your Birth Order?

Birth Order

Here’s all you have to know about how the birth order influences your personality traits and every other things at home:


The firstborn child always has a special position in the family. They come into the world as their parents’ prince/princess and is always given that status. They are always the first kid your grandparents admired and pampered, the kid your aunt/uncle showered with gifts. The kid that united the family.

Generally, the parents talents and skills are said to pass on to them more than to their younger siblings in the birth order (Though it cannot be taken as a scientific proof).


The first born kids are more than what the studies says. But the common trend about birth order observed among many families will be talked about here:

Birth Order
  • First born kids are intelligent
  • They are high achievers
  • They are perfectionists
  • And also, not to forget, they are highly bossy too. Obviously!


The middle child is always the one “taken-for-granted”. The middle child in the birth order usually tends to be the peacemaker of the family, but also invisible to them sometimes, smh!.

The middle-child usually tends to keep to themselves and is often treated as a pushover. They are good negotiators since they have to negotiate up, with their parents and negotiate down with their siblings.

More importantly, the first-born and youngest in the birth order reading this, will not agree to the fact that the middle-born are peacemakers. Lol.

Birth Order


Yo, i definitely empathize with the middle-child, because i’m a middle-child myself, Duh!.

Now, middle-child can also be high achievers, as there is no science behind the birth order influencing the success/failure of an individual, but the following traits are just an example of observations made from a sample of families having more than 2 child in the birth-order:

  • Middle-Born are Peacemakers
  • They are Flexible
  • And they are Generous
  • But mainly, they are Pushovers. (Lol, we are too kind to be rude)


The youngest kids of the birth-order are always the outgoing charmers (May not hold true in some cases). They are given the most privileges at home, since they cannot be spoken back to (Trust me on this).

They fight for their respect and that makes them a natural warrior. They stand up for themselves and do exactly what they want to do. They make up for all the freedom that the eldest has lost. Sometimes, they are not taken seriously, but no one dares talk back to them!

Birth Order


The youngest kids can be anything more or less than what we talked about here, as the individual traits and situations vary in real-life.

But the following observations made from a sample of families with more than 2 birth orders could hold true in certain cases:

  • They are Charmers
  • They love to take risks
  • They are born fighters
  • And they are persistent (In other words, adamant as hell)

The above points could hold true in certain cases and might not be true in other cases. These cannot be taken for scientific researches and it is just for fun-sake. (Although. i’am serious about middle-child. Ofc!)

Birth Order

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