Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi

Delhi, the city of people with big hearts. Also of people with big appetites. The passionate love affair Delhiites has with food. It has made Delhi a food hub. Keep reading to know about the Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi.

1. North Campus

North Campus an area where you won’t be disappointed. Full of street food, snacking joints, fast food, and multi-cuisine diners. It’s a place that is full of students from all over India. They only have limited money to spend. The food that you find here would not only be having variations. But it will be cheap and delicious as well. Some of the famous Cuisine: Street Food, Sweets, North Indian. Along with Fast Food, Sweets, and Region Specific & Multi-Cuisine.

2. Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar

Nearest to the main North Campus area. Hudson Lane is a place where you will find one of the finest cafes. Along with the best restaurants in Delhi. Most of them are serving Italian, Cafe, and Fast Food cuisine. These joints offer an amazing culinary experience. Which is also a pocket-friendly price. Some of the Famous Cuisines: Fast Food, Cafe, Italian, American, Chinese, and North Indian. This is among the Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi.

3. South Campus

Satya Niketan aka South Campus is a place to be. The area is crowded with students from all over India. This place has some of the most value for money and cool cafes. Such as Scooter on the Wall, Big Yellow Door, and QD’s. Just like the Hudson Lane, the food served here is great. Some of the Famous Cuisines: Fast Food & Shakes, Italian, American, Cafe, Chinese, and North Indian Grill.

4. Old Delhi

Old Delhi is the place where it all started. Your chaat papri, dahi bhallas, jalebi, Daulat ki Chaat, and so on. Yes, it all began from here. This place is a paradise for street food. Along with its authentic Mughlai cuisine, and sweets lovers. Old Delhi retains its glorious charm and culinary delights of the past. This is the place to be. Some of the Famous cuisines: Street Food & Sweets. This place is a must-visit for Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi.

5. Pandara Road

Pandara Road has some of the best places to eat in Delhi. You can find some of the best food places in Delhi here on Pandara road. Pandara road includes Have More, Gulati, and Chicken Inn (all North Indian). Ichiban is the go-to place for lovers of Pan Asian. Pindi is for tandoori food lovers. For the vegetarians, the best option is at Veg Gulati.  Pandara Road has got some of the best eateries in Delhi. some of the Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, North Indian Grill, Pan Asian, and Sweets.

6. Nsp(Netaji Subash Palace)

NSP is a perfect mix of street food, fast food, and fine dining restaurants. Along with some of the best shakes in town. Those who love Aloo Tikki and chaat can visit the iconic BTW. Students those looking for a quick bite can visit Billu’s Hut or Hashtag Foods. These are the best places to eat in Delhi for a crispy and delicious chaat. Apart from this, you can go in for a fine dining option. Visit restaurants like Sura Ve, Themis Barbecue House, Eleven Course, and Barbeque Nation. Some of the Famous Cuisines: Fast Food & Shakes, Street Food, North Indian Grill, North Indian, and Multi cuisine. Food junkies must visit for Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi.

7. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid and the lane opposite it. That is Bazaar Matia Mahal. These places have some of the best eating places in Delhi. starting from keema samosas to grilled botis to kebabs and jalebi. No foodie who has gone to Jama Masjid has ever come back unhappy. This is one of the best places to eat in Delhi. Especially, if you’re a non-veg food lover. Some of the Famous Cuisines: Street Food, Mughlai, Grill, and Sweets.

8. Nizamuddin

This place is one of Delhi’s oldest settlements. Also an iconic spot because of its closeness to Dargah, railway station. Along with the delicious food. You can find eateries in every corner of the area. These range from delicious kebabs to sweets to Mughlai delicacies. This place is definitely, a must-visit for every foodie out there. If you’re looking for some non-veg food, Nizamuddin is among the best places to eat in Delhi.  Some of the Famous Cuisines: Street Food, Mughlai Cuisines, Tandoori Grill, and Traditional sweets.

9. Dhabbas Opposite IIFT

Found opposite the IFFT in Qutab Institutional Area. This place has got some amazing dhabas with its name. The most famous out of these is Laxman Fast Food. It’s a Dhaba which will serve you paranthas overloaded with mutton and butter. It is surrounded by trees on the side and building on the opposite. You must spend some time eating Chinese and drinking some tea. The experience is great when you visit this place in the winter. This IFFT is among the best places to eat in Delhi for parantha lovers. Some of the Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Tea & Coffee, Chinese, and Fast Food.

10. Connaught Place

From revolving restaurants to the delicious local rajma chawal. Connaught Place does not discriminate when it comes to food. This place is home to some of the best restaurants in Delhi and also dhabas. You can relish all kinds of cuisines here. It might be local, regional, or international. CP is also among the best place to eat in Delhi. If you’re looking for budget-friendly local cuisine. CP has some of the best dinner places in Delhi. Some of the Famous Cuisines: Local cuisine, North Indian, International, Regional, Cafe, and Fast Food. Couples should pay a visit to the Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi.

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