Culture Of Harayana

Haryana is one of the unique states. It has a developed culture. Its culture is deeply rooted in age-old history. That is providing creative expression. Along with value- sustenance, and belief patterns. To thousands of communities that constitute the Indian Society. You must give a read to know about the Culture Of Harayana.

1. Fairs

With the amazing architecture. And numerous tourist attractions. Harayana has gained a good amount of fame. For the Culture Of Harayana. The loveable fairs organized here. Some of these are:-

Surajkund International Fair:

Located in Faridabad. It is a heaven for handloom lovers. With various colors. And rhythmic drum beats. This fair portrays the rural part of their culture. Which is a super success every year. With the different cuisines and adventure. Along with amusement tides. This mela is attended by thousands of people every year.

Mango Mela:

Organized in June and July. At Yadavindra gardens of Pinjore. This mela is loved By those who are mango lovers. The Mango Mela does satisfy the people’s love for people. rent mangoes. But it also offers support to farmers to sell their mangoes. They also teach about the latest technology to help them produce mangoes.

Baisakhi Mela:

Hosted by Harayana Tourism on 13-14 of April at pinjore garden. This mela shows respect for the festival of Baisakhi. A large number of visitors visit to celebrate with great enthusiasm.

Pinjore Heritage Festival:

This festival is celebrated every year in December. To celebrate the vibrant and rich culture of Harayana. Poets, singers, and dancers give a performance of their art forms. This festival is a great event. Which focuses on the history and heritage of old Pinjore town along with its gardens.

2. Festivals

Various festivals take place in Harayana. These include Teej, Guga Navmi. And Gita Jayanti, Kaartik Cultural Festival. Along with a unique celebration. Which is known as Sohna Car Rally. The famous festival is Teej. It is celebrated on the third day of Shrawan month. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Across all the states. Young girls and women get dressed up in colorful clothes. And participate in dancing and singing throughout the evening.

3. Art and Craft

Arts and Crafts of Harayana compromise of various Forms of dance, music. Along with pottery and embroidery. Along with painting, weaving, sculpting, and many more. The specialty is the popular village of handicrafts. Apart from the source of income for the craftsman. These art forms are a must-visit place among tourists. Harayana has its traditional dance and music. That is very popular. Among people from all over the world. The traditional dance includes. Ghoomar, Gangur, and khoria dance. The folk music of Haryana. Is of two types. Classical and countryside. The most popular weaved handloom of Harayana are shawls and durries.

4. Traditions and customs

People of Haryana are strict about their customs and cultural traditions. People practice yoga and also chant Vedic mantras. Most people here have more or less equal social status. All people whether elder or young. Or rich or poor are treated equally with respect. This displays the socialistic nature of Harayana. People retain their racial purity by not allowing marriage in the same gotra. This is important in the Culture Of Harayana.

5. Traditional Dress

Peiople of Harayana shows a love towards colors. Basic dresses of woman include Daaman, Kurti, Chunder. While men generally wear Dhoti. The wraparound cloth which is tucked in between legs. Pagri is a traditional headgear for men. All white attire is a status symbol for men.

The culture of Harayana dates back to Vedic times. While the narratives are known for their cultural heritage. The state has its own social beliefs and practices. Harayana has retained its ancient heritage. It continues to be the flag bearer of its tradition. So, this is the Culture Of Harayana.

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  1. Wow ! Really great post. Only read it quickly so that I can go over again later ! This is really helpful for me. Many many thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

  2. Wow ! Really great post. Only read it quickly so that I can go over again later ! This is really helpful for me. Many many thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

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