Emerging From The Dark Night Of The Soul

After a long period of isolation- currently as a precaution against the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people tend to feel low end. If that is simply a side effect of enforced isolation. It should wear off naturally once we start picking up the threads in the external universe. But if the low feeling is a manifestation of something deeper. That got triggered with the isolation, that it needs to be addressed differently. We all need to get out of the dark night of the soul.

Usually, darkness- physical darkness as opposed to illumination by light. Gives rise to fear, low self-esteem, insecurity, and loss of confidence. These feelings feed on each other, and could lead to long term depression and despair. Usually, those who are vulnerable to darkness tend to perk up with new dawn, and during sunlit hours.

Stress overpowers you

The upper reaches of Scandinavia, that border the North Pole and Arctic region. Are given to a long period of darkness during winter. Alcoholism, wife-beating, and depression are common features at this time when there is darkness for several months. In the absence of light and warmth, people tend to succumb to negative thoughts. And feelings that become a vicious cycle.

Hence the mythology of the indigenous Sami people of the Arctic region gives great importance to Goddess Beaivi. She is their sun Goddess, with the power to heal those who suffer mental issues. Especially due to the dark winter season. Although darkness is different from this polar region, we too tend to experience metaphorical darkness in our lives. As is happening with some during the prolonged periods of isolation. A kind of darkness within- so to speak.

How to come out of the darkness

If one can resist the pull of darkness by reaching out to the family or friends. Without inhibition, then half the battle is won. But if on succumbs to darkness, then it can only get worse. And at its worst, could lead one to say goodbye to life. Indic tradition sets great store by good company that it calls Satsang; that is engaging with positive, forward-thinking, philosophical people whose interest far exceeds the mundane world of materialism. Being in Satsang with the right crowd can work wonder for one’s confidence and outlook. Just as spending all of one’s time with negative people can sap you of all energy and hope.

Conversing about things that transcend materialistic subjects like money, property, ownership, and the acquisition will open fresh horizons. Where there is unlimited potential and possibility of seeing the bright side in any given situation. Satsang does not mean being with wise people, it means being good people who are wise because they are good. Explained J Krishnamurti to American philosopher Jacob Needleman who asked him in a conversation, about the meaning of Satsang.

The Santmat tradition and Sangat mean much the same, being in the company people including a guru or master. Buddhists call it the Sangha. What you are and how you feel may be partly due to your inherited traits, upbringing, and family. It is also in large part what kind of people you associate with.

Mental isolation can have devastating effects on one’s mental and physical health. Satsang, Santmat, Sangat, Sangh-whatever you choose to call good company- is of paramount importance. It can rouse you and lead you from darkness to a new dawn.

We all need to overcome the Dark Night Of The Soul and should live happily and stress-free. If we don’t overcome this Dark Night Of The Soul it will consume us and we might end doing something that is really bad.

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