How does moles position decide our future?

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So, lets start with the blog… How does moles position decide our future?There are certain marks on our body that sometimes enhance our body’s beauty to a great extent. Yes, I am telling about moles in our body, it can be of various shape, size, and colors.

According to our Indian astrologers or pandits, our body moles position depicts our nature, karma, future, and life, moles tell fortune, etc. These body marks on our body remain throughout our life from birth till death of a person but sometimes they get unnoticed when no one knows about it.

Moles position(left or right side of the body), size(small or big), colors(different shades) depicts the depth of good or bad fortune will it going to be in the future.

Impacts of Moles positions on fortune :

“How do moles position decide our future?”


Moles on the right side of the body considered for good fortune, and moles on the left side of the body considered for bad fortune.

But there is a different case with females,


Moles on the left side of the body considered for good fortune and moles on the right side of the body considered for bad fortune.

Impacts of Moles sizes on fortune (Moles are fortune teller):

“How do moles position decide our future?”


A Small mole does not produce much affect in our life. It has very mini effect on us.


A person with Round and Big mole is considered very very lucky and he gets what he wishes to have in the future.


A Person with Long moles has a good chance of getting success in life.

Impacts of Moles Shapes on fortune (Moles are fortune teller):

Triangular Mole:

A person with a triangular mole has mixed results on its fortune which means good and bad mixed together at a time.

Irregular Mole:

A person with Irregular Mole usually gets bad results in the future, that is why it is a bit negative and considered not good for the person with this mole.

Round Mole:

A person with this type of mole is generous, modest, and honest and is mostly found successful in the near time.

Square Mole:

A person with this type of mole has uncertain nature and knows how to play a game in a safe manner.

Impact of mole colors on fortune (Moles are fortune teller):


A person with this colored mole holds a good fortune most of the time.


A person with black colored mole has to face a lot of problems in his/her life.

How does moles position decide our future?
(Moles are fortune teller)

Fortune based on locations of mole (Moles are fortune teller):

1. Forehead

The forehead is our front head part above the eyes.

There we have 4 parts where we can easily found moles above our eyebrows and these are right, left, center, temples forehead moles.


A mole at the center forehead indicates a hardworking, intelligent, wise, and peaceful nature

person with a clear vision in life and has a sharp goal in his/her life.


A mole at the left side of the forehead indicates a person having a greedy and selfish nature and such a person lives with a very bad fortune in his/her life with no money and makes a lot of enemies in his/her life.


A mole at the right side of the forehead indicates a person with extravagant nature and it has been found that such a person is mostly rich by birth and live a prosperous life.


A person with a mole at either side of the temple usually live with a good fortune because they have a chance of sudden money gains and get a beautiful life partner.

2. Eyebrows


A person with a mole on the right side lives a very happy married life and stays happy with their kids, family, and friends forever.


A mole on the left side of the body always produces a negative impact on our fortune,

A person with a mole on near left eyebrows is not courageous and mostly faces challenges in his/her professional, family, or business life, etc.


A mole at the center of the eyebrows depicts a courageous person with good leadership qualities, good financial comfort and gets famous in his / her life.

3. Eyes


A person with a mole near to left eye generally lives with negative thinking and has very arrogant nature, such a person neither invest nor save money as of pessimistic approach towards life and generally live a very lower-class life.

Such a person does not maintain a healthy relationship with their dear one’s family and friends etc


A person with a mole near to right eye is very laborious or hardworking in their work they take their small task very seriously, they are considered very trustworthy people and they are very loyal towards others.

4. Nose


A person with a mole on the left-hand side often struggles in his life and often gets negative results throughout life journey, such a person often has evil nature.


A mole on the right-hand side of the nose considered very lucky in case of earning with fewer efforts, they are mostly smart workers and they don’t like laborious tasks and much time investment with fewer outputs.


A person with a mole on tip of the nose is considered an impulsive and capricious decision-maker. such a person makes life-changing decisions that produce very huge advantages in fortune.


A person with a mole under the nose is considered very attractive, that is why they attract opposite genders. such a person produces positive vibes and often lives a good life with their life partner.

5. Cheeks

Right Cheek:

A mole on the right side of the cheek considered good and a person often lives a positive life and has extravagant nature. Such a person values reason over emotions and they are very dominating by nature.

Left Cheek:

A person with a mole on the left cheek is often introverted, short-tempered and they are spendthrift, never overthinks, etc

6. Ear

A person with a mole on the tip or top of the ear or anywhere on the ear enjoys a very luxurious life and it also denotes high IQ, intelligence, and hardworking.

7. Lip

Upper Lip and Lower Lip:

A person with a mole on the upper lip mostly food lovers, genuine sleep takers that is why they gain their weight and sometimes face severe health issues in their lives.

8. Tongue

Tip of the tongue:

A person with a mole on tip of the Tongue considered intelligent, wise, positive thinker, a good speaker. such a person has good diplomatic skills and knows how to deal with any kind of situation. And according to research, such persons are considered foody.

If a mole is not at the tip of the tongue then that person has to face speech-related difficulties in his life.

9. Chin


A Mole on right chin signifies positive fortune, a person with such a mole shows logical and critical thinking and he reacts to others in a diplomatic way.


Generally, A mole on the left side signifies negative fortune, but here is good news for you, a person with a mole on the left chin shows a frank and very straightforward nature.

Anywhere on chin:

A person with a mole on chin generally likes to travel a lot around the world or we can say explorer attitude or travel freak, such a person loves to explore new places.

10. Neck

Front Part:

A mole on the front part of the neck signifies good fortune, a calm and peaceful person with a soothing voice and such a person has artistic skills.

Back Part:

A mole on the back part of the neck signifies aggression, anger, aggressive nature, etc and such a person generally struggles, doesn’t feel the love in his life.

He also does not live a happy life with his partner.

11. Shoulder

Left Shoulder:

A person with a mole on the left side of the shoulder shows stubborn nature and mostly found at fighting with others for own benefits.

Right shoulders:

A person with a mole on right shoulder shows a responsible attitude, fighting spirit, courageous nature, and a very wise character towards others. Such a person plays a great role while taking responsibility.

12. Arm

Right Arm:

A person with a mole on right arm considered intelligent, smart, they make their decision very wisely and they live very well.

Left Arm:

A person with a mole on left arm enjoys a luxurious life but they remain at average levels. Such people are very friendly in nature and they are courteous in nature.

13. Elbow

A person with a mole on either side of the elbow is considered restless as they love traveling. Such a person has artistic skills and they are rich from birth.

14. Wrist

A mole anywhere on the wrist depicts a curious person and Such a person shows a creative and very innovative nature in the field of writings and paintings.

15. Palms

A mole anywhere at palms does not show a positive sign as such a person has to face lots of challenges and obstacles in his life. Such people are hardworking and face struggle with full attention.

16. Fingers

Mole on fingers is considered unlucky and untrustworthy. the person with such a mole often has to face difficulties in life and they mostly struggle in their married life.

17. Back


Mole on right side of the back considered lucky and such person lives a good and healthy life.


Mole on the left side of the back shows a diplomatic skill and likes to resolve the hardcore situations in minutes of time by itself.


Mole in center depicts leadership skills that is why they get success and fame in their life.

18. Chest

A mole anywhere on the chest shows strong sensual abilities but a person with such a mole possesses a good healthy sexual life.

Left chest:

A person with a mole on the right side posses a clever nature but such a person unable to maintain a healthy relationship with their family and friends.

Right Chest:

A mole on the right side of the chest shows negative affects and a person with such a mole often faces financial troubles.

19. Navel

A person with a mole on navel lives a wealthy and prosperous life and a very happy married life. Such a person loves to eat and mostly fat by the body.

20. Stomach

Right side of stomach:

Generally found rich but they talk in a soft manner in front of a woman. that is why they live in a strong relationship together with a life partner.

Left side of stomach:

Such a person likes to do smart work rather hard work and that’s why they like to earn in a smart way without doing much work in less time.

21. Hips

Mole at either side of hips shows happiness, loveable , loyal and affectionate nature.

Right Side of Hips:

A person shows a curious nature, offers creativity and wisdom in performing tasks.

Left Side of Hips:

Such a person lives their life with full of satisfaction and they are not much rich by birth rather live a good life.

22. Genitals

Mole anywhere on genitals represents a generous, honest, and open-minded person. The most important thing is such a person lives a romantic life with his life partner and a good sexual drive.

23. Thigh

Left part of Thigh:

Mole on the left part of the thigh represents creativity and curious nature but sometimes shows a laziness nature and lack of social activeness. So, such a person might be lazy to finish its task.

Right part of Thigh:

While Mole on the right part of thigh represents confident nature, leadership skill, and moderate temperament. Also, such a person is fearless.

24. Knee

Right Knee:

Mole on right knee shows the friendly nature of a person And such person is honest to others and lives a successful love life.

Left Knee:

A person with a mole on the left knee is fearless, responsible, inborn leaders, risks takers, and likes to live a luxurious life.

25. Calf

Right calf:

A Mole on Right Calf represents people who are highly talented in all sectors and that’s why they get success and prosperity in all every phase of life. Such a person has an attractive nature and usually mostly liked by girls.

Left calf:

People with such a mole position are generally hardworking in nature and they like to travel abroad for a job. Such a person has a big friend circle.

26. Legs

There are some negative impacts of this mole position on the attitude of a person but there is some positive impact too such as a very impulsive and fearless nature. But such a person always found itself in controversies.

27. Ankle

“How do moles position decide our future?”

Right Ankle:

Such people are talkative in nature and they have a good sense of anticipation, that’s why they are more predictive of results.

Left Ankle:

A person with such a mole likes to pray and stay attached to god or we can say that they are religiously active.

28. Feet

“How do moles position decide our future?”

Right Feet:

Such a person has a great chance of getting an intelligent and smart spouse and they live a life full of satisfaction with their family.

Left Feet:

A person with this mole position has to face a lot of problems related to financial or sometimes with their life partner.

On soles:

It is a sign of bad fortune, a person with this mole location has to face a lot of struggle in his life like in case of health, enemies, and bad luck.

29. Toes

“How do moles position decide our future?”

A mole anywhere on toe depicts that the person will live an unhappy married life even if they marry a rich and financially strong life partner.

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