How to Face Job Interview As Industry Recuperate From COVID-19 Impact

For a management student, it’s about “peaking at the right time”. When it comes to the Job interview”. Two years of hard work, late nights, industry projects, internship experience- it all leads to the crucial interview that gives you a foothold into the cooperate world. It’s an employer you want to work with, the role is just what you’d hoped for- the stakes are high. In the last few months, companies across industries have taken a hit. There have been numerous layoffs as cost-cutting measures and slowly, we are seeing things going back to normal. How to present your candidature as someone who is the right choice during these times? Let’s find out.

Insights From Interviewers

Renowned author, consultant, and motivational speaker James Sudakow has interviewed hundreds of candidates in his career. According to him, the interviewer is after three things- to know more about you. Ascertain that you are right the right fit for the organization, and assess how your experience and skills are suited for the role. Understanding the probable questions helps you to prepare for them and be on the front foot during the interview. Here are the areas with the highest probability that your interviewer will cover. And everyone should keep in mind while giving a Job Interview:

  • Questions about your company- As the will reveal whether you have done your homework. About the organization, the product, and the role offered, among other aspects.
  • Strengths and weaknesses- This line of questioning tells the interviewer how self-aware you really are. And if you are willing to work on your weakness. It should be noted that your strengths and weakness should align with the prevailing situation in the country. You could highlight a specific skill set that could add as a benefit to the organization during this situation.
  • Scenario questions- Designs to assess if you can think quickly. Put yourself in different situations, and have a problem- solving abilities.

Steps That Lead To The Employment Letter

No matter what some might tell you, making the winning impression in the interview is not art. It is a critical process that can be rehearsed and mastered. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Your resume should be crisp and reflect only what a recruiter needs to know for the job profile. As Sandi Narayan (Managing Director, Calypto Design Systems) says, “Everything else you need to say, do it in the interview. It will also showcase your communication skills to your employers.”
  2. Always do your research about the organization and the job profile. You don’t want to be caught off guard, as lack of preparation is an absolute no-no for any professional.
  3. According to Sharon Hulce(President and Ceo, Employment Resources Group). Most candidates get turned down because they make common mistakes vis-a-vis their body language. “Always look in the interviewers eye, be honest and humble.”
  4. The interviewers want to know if you are committed to the role they are offering you. As the organization look forward to going back to business, they need employees that have the same drive and vision.
  5. When asked about your weakness, tell, don’t show. Being stubborn is seen as a weakness that’s difficult for employees to work with

Get Set Go

So I would like to request all the people who are going to face Job Interview in the near future. To keep all the points mentioned above in his mind. And should be ready to have a great interview which could eventually lead to the placement of the candidate.

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