Incredible Power In Learning Coding In Early Childhood Learning

Coding can prepare a child for careers centered around new technologies and market dominated by data science, AI.

The emergence of cutting edge tech will demand the future generation to be equipped with some necessary tech skills. From a young age. To avoid redundancy in the future. It helps to train them. Karan Bajaj, founder, and CEO of White Hat Jr highlights how coding is gaming importance.

Why should kids learn coding?

As we head towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It has become quite imperative for everyone to stay updated with emerging technologies. The Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted. That 65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately end up working in a completely new job. That does not even exist yet. And 65% of today’s job will not exist just seven years from now. And jobs that do not involve creation will be automated.

How can we create awareness in the rural area about its importance?

Coding for kids is already emerging as a viral phenomenon in cities. And kids from across India between 6 and 14 years are enrolling in coding courses. We are seeing great traction from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. When it comes to kids in rural areas, India’s National Policy on Education. Which stresses the need to focus on effective implementation of information and Communication.

Firstly, we need to make rural Indian tech-savvy. And for this, there is a need to empower the rural population with high-speed internet and low-cost computing devices. Along with upgrading the infrastructure, availability of skilled programming teachers in fundamentals to introduce coding. In November last year, the government launched CodeIndia. Application-based programming for school students in some of the villages near Delhi. To make the kids future-ready.

How do you rate the expansion of coding in India?

With India’s push towards digitization, we have emerged as a powerhouse in the global software development space.

India has a large and growing community of coders. And their appetite to learn and innovate has made them lucrative hires. Parents, these days are aware of the changing job scenarios and what the future holds for their children. They want to arm their kids with all the prerequisite skills and education that will drive their growth.

We recently launched a virtual coding championship for kids. And the overwhelming participation from kids as young as 6 years. Is a testament to the big shift in the thinking that is happening. Even at a higher education level, institutions are introducing the latest programming languages. Such as JavaScript, Python, GoLang, to supplement legacy languages. Such as C, C++, and Java to keep pace with global trends.

We have been sending great traction on our platform which substantiates this heightened interest in coding for kids. And our business has been growing at 100% MoM since the lockdown. We have now reached a $100 million annual revenue run rate within just 18 months of going live.

Does coding enhance Math ability, creativity, and problem-solving?

In a job market, dominated by science, artificial intelligence, and many such new emerging fields. Coding is a well-structured way to introduce kids to logical thinking and problem-solving. Which can be applied far beyond the realm of computer science. Logic is the ability to differentiate between correct and incorrect reasoning and programming. If introduced at a young age, helps the kids to develop this ability. Solving puzzles, Math problems, coding, reading, a few exercises that can help in this process.

As a father of two daughters, I believe in the incredible power of early childhood learning. And the creativity that most 5 or 6 years old naturally have. So, after reading a fair bit of research from MIT and TUFFS. I found that kids use the fundamentals of logic, sequence, structure, and algorithmic thinking. To create tech products like games, animations, and apps. Introducing kids to skills like coding makes a huge impact on their overall growth and development. This helps us a society to create the next generation of digital entrepreneurs. Who in turn can develop applications and digital products that can make the world a better place.

Are youngsters aware of coding and how prepared are they?

Youngsters are facing cut-throat competition in the job market and this will only further intensify in the future. There have been a couple of studies. That shed light on an alarming number of engineers and IT professionals in India. Who are unfit for high-level programming jobs and with every company becoming tech-focused. This stands as a major issue that needs attention. As the academic curriculum does not thoroughly align with the changing job requirement. Graduates are picking up these IT skills at their firms. Coding is the core of every technology and if taught at a very young age. It can lead to the overall development of a child making him/her future-ready for careers. That will be centered around technology.

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