There is no such substance in the whole creation which is not used as a grain. However, no one can lose anything. A healthy diet is healthy for everyone. Therefore, every person should know which food is suitable for him. From this point of view, he must know about his body nature. This article has given information about different types of nature (TRIDOSHAS -VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA), which is useful for every person.


Prakriti means a special type of psychosomatic structure of man. Nature is formed in the uterus. Nature is created according to the defect in which there is the excess of TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA – in the condition of male seed, female seed, diet by the mother during pregnancy, stage of pregnancy, and season, etc.

Let us find out from which category of NATURE (TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA) you belong to:-

(PRAKRITI )Nature is of two types –

1. Body nature 2. Psychology.

1. Body nature

There are seven types of body nature :-

(1) Vata  Prakriti (2) Pitta Prakriti (3) Kapha Prakriti (4) Aeolithic Nature (5) Vata kapha Prakriti (6) Pitta kapha Prakriti and (7) Even Nature (Sam Prakriti)

(1) Vata  Prakriti

It is the first dosha from TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA. The specific place of the (Vata ) air circulating in the whole body is called the pancreas, rectum, and colon. It is the main place of aphrodisiac diseases. It is the main place of aphrodisiac diseases. The origin of air is from the rectum. The air from the pancreas descends into the colon, waist, thigh, legs, bones, north cavity,  rectum.

Identification or characteristics of people with Vata nature :-

1. The body of a person with a Vata nature is rough, weak, tall or low, asymmetrical, and strange. The Belly is sunken inside, skinny, legs are round like a ball. Maharishi Vagbhata compares the people with Vata nature to dogs, foxes, camels, rats, and crows.

2. Their mouth seems unattractive, unpleasant, ungrateful, and uninteresting.

3. Their hair and follicles are dry and unkempt. They do not contain balsamic, keep flying, are small and weak in origin.

4. Their eyes are dry, deep in the pit, dark coiled around, small, stunned, playful pupils.

5. Their teeth are dull, thin, curved, asymmetrical, broken in the middle, dilapidated, less than thirty-two, less strong, tasteless when sour.

6. Their tongue is somewhat black, dilapidated, rough, cut off, tasteless, and talkative.

7. Their hands are fickle, functional, overworked. They have a futile habit of scraping teeth, putting fingers in ears and nose, hanging on, scratching nails by teeth.

8. For some reason, the legs keep on moving. Their gait is crooked, disorganized, relaxed, and distressed. While walking, there is a sound in the joints of the feet.

9. Their nails are black, rough, dull, dirty, broken, curved, ugly, and short growing.

10. Their skin is black, chapped, wrinkled, cold. It cannot bear cold.

11. These have composite characteristics of Satvagun and Rajoguna. In the absence of balsamic, memory and perception power is low. They are not scholars.

12. They lose weight. It gets worse in old age.

13. Their body strength is also low.

14. Their appetite is regular.

15. Their voice is harsh, unpleasant, unclear, odd, and unusual. They are eloquent and keep on talking nonsense. His words lose weight.

16. Their breathing is fast.

17. Their nature is colorful, imaginative, distrustful, ungrateful, momentarily enthusiastic, brave, and forgetful to begin with.

18. These include inspired enthusiasm, service, renunciation, spirituality, quietness, tolerance, sociability, love, etc. This happens when Sattva guna is dominant.

19. When they have a dominance of Rajoguna, then there is an excess of mourning, sorrow, and boastfulness, impatience, infatuation, pride, atheism, etc.

20. Their friendship does not last long.

21. They love hot, balsamic, salty, sour, sweet food.

22. Their sleep is like a crow. Sleep is not deep, the eyes are half-open., they cause snoring.

23. There are more dreams in sleep. They fly in the sky in a dream. Mountains also come in dreams.

24. Their progeny is less.

25. Their age is usually short.

26. Gout diseases are more. Somehow there is a disease. Health is maintained when there is an excess of the Sattva component.

(2) Pitta nature

It is one of the main doshas ( TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA). In the context of anatomy and digestion, bile is a dark green or yellow liquid that aids digestion. It is formed in the liver (liver) of vertebrate animals. There is a continuous production of bile by the liver in the human body which collects in the gall bladder. Its pH value is 7.7.

Identification or characteristics of people with Pitta nature :-

1. Their body is thin and tall, when seen from a distance, it looks impressive due to its bright red and yellow color. Maharshi Vagbhatta compares them to tigers, bears, monkeys.

2. Their face is pleasant, influential, authority, knowledge or scholarly, angry, or happy. The face is red, lustrous, and blood-colored.

3. Their hair is nut-brown colored, thin, short, and soft. They are quick to fall. It becomes white quickly by being firm. Follicles are less on the body. The hairs of mustache, beard, eyebrows, and eyelids are brown color, golden, or copper.

4. Eyes look brown, stunning, effective, and angry. There are red yellow round eyes. Closes in summer. They cannot bear the heat. Eyesight is good. No need to install specs quickly. Can be seen even in darkness or in low light. You can also see distant and subtle things. The eyes like the touch of flowers, of cold water, or of anything cold.

5. Their teeth are yellow, notched, thin, big, spoiled & eroded due to bile .

6. Their tongue is thin, elongated, pointed, red-pink, clean, hot, and dry. Tiger’s tongue is like this.

7. Their hands are long, thin, majestic, have writing and painting skills.

8. Their movement is straight, bold, fixed, fearless and firm.

9. Their nails are reddish yellow, copper, filled, thin, long, and pointed. Lion’s and cat’s nails are like this.

10. Their skin is pale, White-colored, Red, golden, soft, thin, and hot. They feel irritation in summer.

11. His intellect is brilliant, knowledgeable, he performs good works when there is an excess of virtue when the excess of Rajoguna inspires evils like theft, hunting, dirty politics, fraud.

12. They usually weigh less.

13. Body strength is moderate.

14. They feel more hungry. They can also digest heavy meals even when they eat again and again.

15. Their voice is loud, sharp, clear, quick, effective. His discourse is excellent, strong, stimulating, and inspiring.

16. Their nature is fierce, angry, spiteful, selfish, violent, fearless, courageous, defender, antagonistic, rebellious, revolutionary, untruthful, harsh to enemies, soft to oneself, compassionate to refugees, forgiving, quick-tempered, quick-happy.

17. They love cold, sweet, bitter, and tasteful, the hot diet seems unpleasant, they cannot fast, they like sweet, fruit, milk, drink, meat, etc.

18. Sleep late at night. It opens early in the morning. Wakes up immediately after awakening, and abandons bed. It is nice to sleep under the sky in a cold place. It is nice to sleep during the day in summer.

19. Dreams related to red, yellow fire, sun, constellation.

20. The progeny is moderate.

21. Biliary diseases occur.


(3) Kapha nature

Kapha dosha is made up of these two elements ‘earth’ and ‘water’. It comes in third place according to the importance and order of doshas(TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA). It nourishes all the organs of the body and also regulates both the remaining doshas Vata and bile. Our mental and physical ability to work, disease resistance, work power, patience, forgiveness, and knowledge are the qualities of Kapha. Temperance present in phlegm is the main cause of sleep.

If there is a decrease in phlegm in the body, then both the other defects start increasing on their own. Kapha is heavy, soft, sweet, stable, and sticky. These are their natural qualities. A person who has more phlegm defect in his body is called phlegm nature.

Location of phlegm(Kapha) in the body:

The main place of phlegm in our body is stomach and chest. Apart from this, the upper part of the throat, throat, head, neck, bones joints, upper abdomen, and fat is also the habitat of Kapha.

Identification or characteristics of people with Kapha nature :-

1. Their body is mostly gross, muscular, tall, the chest is wide, shoulders are huge, joints are beautiful and huge. Maharishi Vagbhatta compares him with Brahma, Rudra, Indra, Leo, horse, elephant, cow, ox, Garuda, and swan.

2. Their face is beautiful, attractive, round, full, balsamic. Frontal large and crescent, embossed, cheeky and muscular, skin white and soft.

3. Their eyes are huge, beautiful, attractive, balsamic, quiet, pudding. The pupils are black and big. Eyes are white, big, bulging out, red end. Specs quickly

4. Their teeth are white, well-organized, strong, uniform, beautiful like pomegranate grains, thirty-two in number.

5. Their tongue is long, cheeky, white pink, thick and less speaking.

6. Their hands are long, broad, palms wide and thick, fingers are tight.

7. Feet are wide, strong, slow speed, well organized and heavy like elephant.

8. Their skin is white, yellowish red, pink, balsamic pearl soft and hair is short.

9. These include more memory, intelligence due to less sattva or excess of Tama, due to Rajogun less bright in the study, faster in rote.

10. They have high body weight.

11. They are more powerful. Elephants and bulls in animals are symbols of force.

12. If they are Sattva pradhan, then their morale is high but if they are Tama pradhan then morale is low.

13. They speak less, are less active. Children are also less weeping.

14. Their voice is sweet, serious and loud.

15. Breathing is slow, low and deep.

16. If they are Sattva pradhan by nature, then they are sympathetic, tolerant, pious, reticent, and afflicted, If they are Tama pradhan then they are lazy, greedy, selfish, atheist, and pragmatic.

17. Their sleep is deeper. There is a habit of sleeping during the day. Can’t awaken at night.

18. They see water reservoirs, moons, flowers, children, joy, enthusiasm, happiness, white birds row, swans, elephants, peacocks, etc. in their dreams.

19. They have a high number of progeny.

20. They have early onset of diseases like retardation, fattening growth, weakness, etc.


(4) Vata Pitta nature

   These have mixed symptoms of Vata and bile (Pitta) mentioned above.

(5) Vata Kapha nature

   These have mixed characteristics of Vata and Kapha mentioned above.

(6) Pitta Kapha nature

They have mixed symptoms of bile(Pitta) and phlegm(Kapha) mentioned above.

(7) Even nature (Sam Prakriti)

      TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA are the three defects in which there are similar proportions, they are common but it is perfect but rare.

     Considering the qualities and demerits of all these natures in medical terms, Vata nature is considered inferior, Pitta is moderate and Kapha nature is considered good. Nature with a mixture of two and two defects is considered blasphemous and the whole nature is considered superior.

2. Psychology

It is of three types.

(1) Satvik: A person of Saatvik nature does not indulge in happiness and is not humbled in sorrow. Always keeps the peace.

 (2) Rajas: A person of Rajas nature expresses happiness with pride and sorrow with lowliness.

(3) Tamas: A person of Tamas nature seems to be surrounded by sorrows, irrespective of any reason.

Benefits of (TRIDOSHA-VATA, PITTA, AND KAPHA)nature introduction:-

1. Humans can change their diet and behavior and can avoid dietary seasonal and aerated diseases. Depending on your psyche nature, by controlling the mind and nature, you can avoid diseases caused by wisdom.

2. Parents can protect their child from possible diseases due to the introduction of their nature and with the knowledge of the psyche nature, the child can arrange proper education and rituals.

3. There can be realization and presumption of thoughts and behavior of different types of persons in public life.

4. It provides proper guidance in marriage before marriages.

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