Offbeat Places In Harayana

Situated in the foothills of Aravalli. The small state of Haryana. Sprawls over an area of over 44,000 square kilometers in North India. Founded in 1966. When the former state of Punjab was divided into Haryana and modern Punjab. Haryana, meaning Home of Hari (goddess Vishnu). That has a proud history that dates back to the Vedic age. Haryana has witnessed the rise and fall of many an empire. The Glorious battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Which is been described in the great epic Mahabharata. It is believed. To have been fought on the site of the modern Kurukshetra in Haryana. Keep reading to about some Offbeat Places In Harayana.

It was here that Lord Krishna imparted to the Pandava warrior, Arjun the teachings of the Bhagwad Gita. Haryana is renowned for its ancient temples. Along with its impressive architecture and lush greenery. That attracts a large number of devotees and holidaymakers from all parts of the country.

1. Sohna

The beauty of Haryana. Sohna is a fascinating mixture of the urban towers and suburban meadows. Filled with resorts, hotels, and a variety of convenience. Sohna makes an ideal place for vacations. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Haryana. Sohna Hill Resorts located amid the Aravalli ridges. Which is overlooking the remarkable backdrop of the rural Damdama Lake. It provides comfortable and luxurious accommodations for tourists. And travelers. Along with a look from the hill-top resort. It offers an extraordinary view of the lake. That sparkles like a jewel in a setting under the rays of the golden overhead afternoon sun.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

2. Gurgoan

Gurgaon is not only one of the most urbanized cities in India. But it also boasts of a skyline. That can easily rival those of Hong Kong and Singapore. It is easily accessible from Delhi and Noida. Gurgaon is becoming a popular travel destination among the holidaymakers. Starting from natural treasures to a flourishing lifestyle. Along with a vibrant nightlife. Gurgaon has everything you could need.

Contrary to what you might expect from the city. Gurgaon actually has a few attractions for nature lovers. It is home to a vast variety of unique flora and fauna. Along with bird species The Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary. These are a couple of places where you can go to sit back and relax amidst nature. Another popular tourist attraction is the Sohna Lake. That is named after a stream of whole sand. And is believed to contain gold particles (thus the name ‘Sohna’). It offers a scenic view of the Aravalli mountains.

The Sohna Lake is a popular picnic spot among both locals and tourists. The largest natural lake in the city, Damdama Lake is situated in Gurgaon. It also offers adventure activities. Such as kayaking, rock climbing, boating, and valley crossing. You can even sit and fish at the lake. While you watch the sunset behind the Aravallis. That is painting the sky magnificent hues of red and orange. The adventurous things that the place has bring it to Offbeat Places In Harayana.

3. Leisure Valley Park

One of the most underrated tourist places in Gurgaon. The Leisure Valley Park is tucked away in Gurgaon, sector 29. Housing a classic jogging track, garden, sandpit, and swings/play area for kids. The park sees a lot of footfall during weekends. The garden has a quiet little cafe to chill in. 

Musical fountains are also in the garden pathways. With a fragrant rose garden. That is splattered with various floral colors. Leisure Valley Park is popular amongst kids and youngsters alike. And is always bustling with people. The uniqueness of this park adds this place to Offbeat Places In Harayana.

4. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a world-renowned bird shelter. Which is located on Delhi-Gurgaon road. It is spread across a massive 400 acres. This Bird Sanctuary is home to 100 different varieties of birds along with many nests of Siberian birds. Apart from being a haven to birds, it also hosts Jheel Lake. That is spreads over an area of 140 acres. Most of the people visit this place to watch bar-headed geese. Serbian birds and Duk ruddy shelduck, to name a few. Sit back, relax, and relish the present with awe-inspiring birds in its natural haven.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

5. Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra, also known as Dharmakshetra is known as the “Land of the Bhagavad Gita”. Nestled 170 km north of Delhi. This place is famous for the battle between the Kauvaras and the Pandavas. That happened in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. This is the place where Lord Krishna is said to have recited the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. 

Earlier, Kurukshetra was one of the most important centers. For the Vedic civilization along with education. Lord Buddha and several Sikh Gurus are known to have visited and spent time in Kurukshetra. The place has a large number of devout centers, holy shrines, and kunds. That trace back to the epic ages. And the earliest Indian civilization. Archaeological evidence claims that this city was in existence during the pre-Harrapan times. Kurukshetra was also called Thanesar or Sthaneswar. Which means ‘place of God’. The Archaeological evidence lists that Ashoka, the Mauryan ruler made Kurukshetra. A center of learning for people from all across the world.

The place is famous for its temples, lakes, and museums. That document the history of pre-Harappan and Harappan civilizations. A few kilometers from Kurukshetra is the village known as Amin. Here there are remnants of a fort. Which is believed to be Arjun’s son, Abhimanyu’s fort. Vibrant history sets this place in Offbeat Places In Harayana.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

6. Kingdom Of Dreams

Opened in year 2010, that witnessed the sprawling rise of India’s first live entertainment, leisure, and theatre park. Which is named as the Kingdom of Dreams. Built over six acres of land, this exquisite destination is owned by the Great Indian Nautanki Company. Which comprises of  lavish cuisine and cultural space. Within the premises known as the Culture Gully. The Showcase Theatre and the Nautanki Mahal is located within the premises of the Kingdom of Dreams. This will freshen your weekend by offering some quality entertainment.

As you lay your feet inside the Kingdom of Dreams. A world of magical surreality with an impressive display of art. It will give you a warm welcome. The magnificent structures and the lively atmosphere of the place will dazzle your eyes and rejuvenate your senses. The site brims with technological advancements. That and will take you on a memorable journey filled with the unique blend of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

This place also organizes several musical performances, carnivals, and theatrical shows. Which can lure visitors from all over the country. Various Bollywood stars also have their association with this magical venue. The veteran actor Shah Rukh Khan himself is the brand ambassador of the Kingdom of Dreams. If you happen to be in Gurugram, then a visit to this iconic destination is inescapable. Take your family, kids, and friends along and walk into the kingdom of ecstatic extravaganza. The uniqueness of this brings to Offbeat Places In Harayana.

7. Panipat

Known for being the land of most ferocious battles. Panipat is known for hosting three great battles in 1526, 1556, and 1761. Apart from its historical significance, there are many tourists’ places. Like Panipat Museum, Ibrahim Lodhi grave, old fort, site of Kala Amb, Kalandar of Bu Ali Shah, and many others. Tourists and travelers can spend a day or two to cover all of the attractions that are mentioned above. The vibrant history sets this place in Offbeat Places In Harayana.

8. Panchkula

Situated on the way to the hills of Shimla. Panchkula is famous for the ruins of the Chandels and trekking on Morni Hills teemed with peacocks.

One of the most planned towns of Haryana. Panchkula is a satellite town that forms the Tricity with Chandigarh and Mohali. Ruled by the Chandels from 9th-12th Century. Panchkula derives its name from the five irrigation canals or ‘kuls’. That draws water from the uphill Ghagghar. Sector 5 in Panchkula is popular for its variety of entertainment and eating out options. Panchkula even has an open-air amphitheater. Along with the Terminals Ballistic Research Laboratory of the DRDO. Panchkula is also a place that is used as a halt before going to nearby hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.

9. Sheikh Chillis Tomb

Founded in Circa 17th Century AD. This elegant structure is the eternal resting place of the Sufi saint Abdur Abdur-Rahim. He was popularly known as Sheikh Chilli or Chili and Dara Shikoh. That is the eldest son of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan was a devotee and disciple of this erudite scholar. Moreover, Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb is constructed in beige sandstone. It has a white marble lofty pear-shaped dome. Along with delicate Parisian overtones that are imbued in this charming edifice.

 Along with, pleasant Mughal gardens surround the mausoleum. With the mortal remains of the saint’s wife that are also present in a smaller tomb. One of the attractive places to visit in Kurukshetra. Is the building also houses a madrasa and an archaeological museum. Where antiquities unearthed during excavations at Kurukshetra are exhibited.

10. Pinjore Garden

Situated at an altitude of 600 m above sea level. Pinjore Garden is one of the best and beautiful gardens in India. This Garden is abode to many beautiful flowers and fountains. There are also several nearby attractions to enjoy like Bhima Devi temple and Mughal garden, to name a few.

11. Narnaul

The historic town of Narnaul in Mahendergarh district of Haryana. It claims to be one of the important seats of the Dwapar yuga of Mahabharata.

It Claims to be a hybrid architectural influence of Mughals, Rajputs, Persians, and the British. Narnaul is famous for its many tombs and historical sites which date back to the Mughal and Rajput era. Followed by the rule of Prince of Jaipur and Patiala. Also famous as Birbal’s birthplace who was one of the Ministers or Navratnas in Akbar’s Court. This place is the birthplace of Sher Shah Suri. He is the Afghan king who shook the foundations of the Mughal dynasty. The Ayurvedic blend, Chyavanprasha was first made in Doshi. It is a sacred hill just 8 km away from this town.

12. Shri Krishna Museum

Museum was founded in 1987. It was inaugurated by Sri R. Venkataraman. Ex-President of India. In February 2012, President Ms. Pratibha Patil opened two new blocks. That houses the Gita Gallery and Multimedia Mahabharata. This museum is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu’s Krishna avatar. Here his several incarnations as described in the Mahabharata and Bhagavata Purana. Are shown through paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, antique relics, and other objects.

Intricately carved wood panels. Exquisite bronze castings, delicate works on ivory. Along with ancient etchings on palm-leaves or Tala Patra, stunning sculptures in stone. And miniature paintings are also on display. A stunning tableau built out of clay and paper-mâché. Is on show in this interesting attraction. Which makes it among the places to visit in Kurukshetra. Devotees would love this Offbeat Places In Harayana.

13. Faridabad

Situated about 4 hours drive from Delhi. Faridabad is the fastest growing city in Haryana. And since Faridabad boasts Aravalli hills on one side. It is turning out to be urban dwellers preferred escapade during holidays. Surajkund Lake along with Badkhal Lake are some of the most visited tourist attractions in Faridabad. Also, you can trek the beautiful Aravalli Mountain with your loved ones to observe the best daybreak or twilight.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

14. Nuh

Situated 70 kms off Delhi and at 190 m altitude. This historical city of Nuh traces its roots to the Aryan civilization, and later the Tughlaq Dynasty.

Nuh, located in the Mewat district of Haryana. It is a modest home to several historical structures. Along with ruins and is a day trip into a bit of history. With carvings on the red sandstone and grey quartzite. This architectural marvel of the place can be seen in its Shaking Monument. The Chui Mai Pond or Tank, the town of Sheikh Musa, Kotla, and in the religious sites.

15. Saannihit Sarovar

According to Hindu mythology. This lake that sprawls over an area of 550 ft is the abode of Lord Vishnu. People believe that taking a bath in this reservoir would give them the fruit. That is of a thousand Ashwamedha Yajna, a sacred Hindu ritual.

Shrines of religious entities like Dhruv Narayan, Dhruv Bhagat, Lord Vishnu, Laxmi Narayan, Shri Hanuman, and Goddess Durga. All are located on this sacred site, this is one of the leading spiritual places to visit in Kurukshetra. Besides this, some of the Renowned Sikh Gurus have also visited this place. 

Offbeat Places In Harayana

16. Morni Hills

Haryana is the land of an infinite number of natural bounties. It is home to just one hill-station, Morni Hill. Morni Hill is a hillside with picturesque beauty. Along with dense forests and verdant meadows all around. If your idea of a vacation is trekking and hiking. Then Morni hill is the place to visit. This hill-station offers boating, cycling, and luxury accommodation for tourists. There are also other tourists attractions like the lake of Gurudwara Nada Sahib, Tikkar Taal, and Mansa Devi temple.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

17. Karnal

Karnal, a city in the Indian state of Haryana. It boasts of a history reaching into the period of the Mahabharata. Situated in the banks of the sacred Yamuna River. Karnal today is popularly called the ‘Rice Bowl of India’ for its vast rice fields.

Located in the National Capital Region. Karnal has limited tourist attractions to see. And the most popular of which is Karna Lake. It is believed that it was here that the mythological hero Karna. After whom the city is named. Gave alms to the poor. Karnal is home to some world-class institutes of research and development. Such as the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) and Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR). The best way to explore this town is to take a leisurely walk, gorging on the local food. The excitement of the place brings it to Offbeat Places In Harayana.

18. MojoLand

This place is an incredible amusement, adventure, and water park. That is located on the highway on GT Karnal Road, near Murthal. It is situated strategically in Sonepat. The outskirts of Delhi. Mojoland is bound to catch your eye if you are traveling along the road. It is a multi-themed park. That is designed to give a unique experience. With the Amazonian surroundings and several fun-filled attractions. Mojoland is a beautiful fantasy park. There is something for everyone here. Ranging from the adventures to the rides. Taste the multi-cuisine restaurants available in this theme park.

Mojoland is named after a man who the locals call Mr. Mojo. There is a cruel Sea God, and Mr. Mojo is the only one who can calm this God. This adventure park has a theme around Mr. Mojo. Where you have to calm down God by increasing your inner Mojo. This whole concept is intriguing and funny and exhilarates you. Here is a famous mantra that this park advocates. “One scary thing a day, keep your inner Mojo awake!”. This is an Offbeat Places In Harayana.

19. Mahendragarh

Situated in the Northern-part of Haryana. Mahendragarh is renowned for its tourist attractions. Such as Jal Mahal, Dhosi Hill, Modawala Mandir, and Tripolia Gateway. The ideal time to visit Mahendragarh is in March, and it is one of the top tourist places in Haryana.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

20. Rohtak

Heart of Haryana, Rohtak is located just 70 kms away from the Heart of India, Delhi. It happens to be a part of the National Capital Region (NCR). There have been many rumors regarding the name of the city and its origins. While evidence suggesting that the old town is as old as the Indus Valley Civilization. Rohtak has turned out to be a city of fascination.

The district of Rohtak is divided into two parts; Rohtak and Meham. The city of Rohtak is 250 km southwards to the state capital Chandigarh on the NH9. As a strategy to obtain cheaper infrastructure loans. Rohtak has joined to be a part of the NCR. This has made way for a steady pace development. While preserving the historical importance of the City at the same time.

It is a city with a long-standing history. It is preserved in its abandoned yet fostered ruins. Rohtak has some of the most beautiful lakes. Such as Bhindawas Lake and Tilyar Lake. Tilyar lake complex houses a zoo in its vast compound. That makes up for a great outing. Rohtak also entertains the fun-loving folks too. With the Splash Water Park, it promises of all the fun time one can have. Rohtak is not so prominent in India’s Tourism. But the celebration and heritage of Rohtak are waiting to be uncovered to the world of travelers.

Offbeat Places In Harayana

21. Chandigarh

Capital of both Haryana as well as Punjab. Chandigarh is a union territory. That is situated at a distance of 260 km from Delhi. Because of closeness to Delhi, Chandigarh is one of the preferred weekend getaways for Delhiites. A tour to Chandigarh should start with boating at the beautiful Sukhna Lake. After this, you can visit the other draws in Chandigarh. Like the Rock Garden, and the Rose Garden & Leisure Valley. Rock Garden is among the most visited attractions in Chandigarh. Due to its popularity for having been entirely and uniquely designed. Out of the abandoned industrial and urban trash. And the other attraction. The Leisure Valley is a 7-kilometer-long park which houses Asia’s most extensive rose garden.

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