Parallel universes: Is it a fact or just fiction?

For most of us the world we live in and the reality we are accustomed to is the one and only truth.

But what if you were as rich as Bill Gates? Or if you were the current most popular celebrity? Life would have been something else, isn’t it? But alas, that is just a desire that is a part of your dreams.

But there is a concept that is prevalent in the scientific community that suggests that the reality that you are in is not the only one out there.

But there is always this question:- Parallel universes: Is it a fact or just fiction?

There are multiple universes and in each a different reality of you exists as a result of the different choices you have made in that reality – so theoretically, there is one reality where you are as rich as Bill Gates and also one where you could be a celebrity.

Parallel universes or multiverse is a common theme in many works of fiction. Parallel universes: Is it a fact or just fiction?


The idea is controversial.

The idea is that the universe (our observable universe + all that we cannot observe i.e. most of it) is just a part of a large system of universes.

There is no concrete evidence yet for proving this theory but there is none to disprove this also.

But many things that we cannot observe have turned out to be true such as the existence of gravitational waves that was recently observed was known to exist decades ago.

The skepticism of this idea of a multiverse and parallel universes is very understandable. This is still more in the realm of science fiction.

The 2 main concepts in physics that form the basis of this theory are – comic inflation and the quantum nature of everything. These two concepts are very well established in physics. That would be a good read for some other time.

Until something definitive is found, we will keep enjoying the various parallel universe story-lines and plot holes that are the product of great minds of science fiction. But there are some stories that seem eerily true. So, let’s take a look some five instances.

1. The man from Taured


In July 1954 a bearded man was stopped at customs at Tokyo airport. He looked nervous and was stopped. When interviewed, he turned out to be a French speaker but also knew fluent Japanese and had a passport from a country named Taured which seemed real.

This country doesn’t exist in our world but he insisted that his country existed for a thousand years and is between France and Spain.

When asked to point out to his country on a map, he pointed at an existing country of Andorra.

The authorities took him into custody in a hotel room and seized his documents for investigation but the next day he had vanished from his hotel room along with his documents that were kept at the airport security room.

2. Vasu Bhanot case

In October 1965, a 33 year old businessman Vasu Bhanot was travelling from Nainital to Satarali which was his paternal village.

On his way he passed through the foggy route to discover a slightly different village than the one he knew. For instance, there was no canal where he always knew there to be one. Ignoring this he went up to the village and entered his Uncle’s house only to find strangers living there who claim to have been living there for the past 20 years.

After investigating in the village about his family, he was told that the entire family had died in an accident 20 years ago. Vasu was in shock as he had apparently visited them in that very house last year and had been frequently visiting them for many years.


After returning to Nainital, he took the help of his father and the police authorities and went back with them to look into this. On his way he was surprised to see the canal which was not there the previous day. Also, this time his uncle and family were the ones living in that house.

3. The Philadelphia experiment

In 1943, the U.S was experimenting with large electrical generators to bend light and create invisibility on a large-scale object such as a ship.


So, they tested it on USS Eldridge and made the ship disappear in a flash of blue light in front of many witnesses but appear 320 kms away.

The ship then returned shortly after and they realized that they had somehow teleported it. The crew suffered horrible consequences after it reappeared such as being fused to the ship’s body or suffering insanity. Many of the crew members went missing.

Its thought that the ship passed through a different dimension and that’s the reason for the various side effects on the crew.

4. Gadianton Canyon

In May 1972, four girls were driving across the desert and took a left turn at a fork in the road and came to Gadianton Canyon.

After a while, the road changed to a white cement road. Thinking they made a mistake, they turned around but then found that the scenery was different.

Instead of a desert there were fields and green trees around them. Then a group of egg shaped vehicles with three vehicles started chasing them. They managed to escape and come to the familiar desert but they ended up with three punctures.

The police who took their story was not convinced until he found out that their tire tracks just suddenly appeared only after some distance. Maybe they had slipped into a parallel dimension and returned.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

The area between Florida and Bermuda is infamous for disappearances of ships and planes. Not to mention the strange occurrences that sailors and airmen experience while passing through the area.

Although there are many conspiracy theories for this area, many also believe that its an active zone for probable parallel dimensions to interact with ours.

In 194, five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo bombers flying from Florida to Bimini island went missing after reporting that their compass stopped working suddenly. Three rescue planes sent after them also disappeared just as mysteriously.


If you or anyone has experienced something similar, then its good to take a time out and ponder as to what was it that really occurred. Most likely things are just coincidences or just a figment of the mind.

Until any real evidence of a parallel universe is found, just have fun and explore the fascinating stories of people.

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