Rainy Season Inspires Introspection & Meditation: SHIVA

The month of Shravan in July-August every year is considered favorable for introspection and meditation on Shiva. Shravan Maas inspires seekers to introspect and meditate on his real identity. Spiritual image divine acts and attributes, to receive his blessings, benevolence, and bounties.


The term ‘Shiva’ which means the benevolent, the beginning is the merging of two syllabi. ‘ Shi’ and ‘Va’ meaning the ‘redeemer of sins’ and ‘liberator from sufferings’. Also known as ‘Sada Shiva’, the eternal and universal benefactor. Mukteswar, Paapkateswar are some of Shiva’s other attributive names that connote his divine role and disposition.

Shiva is considered dot, a point, the seed source of cosmic creation, sustenance, and conclusion. Shiva Purana depicts him as an oval flame, Jyotirlinga, and his spherical replica as shiva linga.

The Sanskrit suffix ‘linga’ refers to the process of destruction and creation which Shiva epitomizes.

Shiva is Svayambhu, the self- manifest and is beyond birth and death cycles. He is above three aspects of time and three attributes of nature. For which he is revered respectively as Kaalatit and Trigunatit. As creator and controller of three main deities in the Hindu pantheon of gods, he is called Trimurti Shiva. With rajas in the form of Brahma, he creates; with sattva in the form of Vishnu, he preserves; and with tamas in the form of Shankar, he destroys.

Normally, people consider Shakar and shiva as one. But Shankar has a human form and a subtle shape. While he is without form, incorporeal form meditating on Shiva-linga, the lacking interest symbol of the Supreme Godhead. He descends and enters into his divine medium Prajapita Brahma to create virtuous sastrugi would, before destroying vicious kalyugi culture.

Shravan Shivratri

Shravan Shivratri shows respect to these acts of Shiva who showers divine wisdom, virtues, and powers on us. Through his lessons on raj yoga meditation, for the restoration of universal peace, love, health, harmony, happiness, and heaven on earth.

Shravan Somvar vrat and upavaas signify one’s resolve to abstain from harmful foods like impure and negative thoughts. By mentally remaining close to Shiva in meditation, to receive his love and acceptance.

The rituals of offering milk to him and Cobras on Nagpanchami in Shravan. Subtly suggest subduing the snakes of five vices within, by imbibing his milk-like nectar of knowledge.

Shravan Raksha Bandhan is meaningful. The applying of vermilion on a brother’s forehead and tying of Rakhi, colored thread. Around his wrist, remind humankind of their true identity and essential unity as brother souls under the spiritual fatherhood. Of one incorporeal Supreme Soul. This festival inspires pledge taking and spiritual bonding for practice and promotion. Of purity, peace, love, fellow feeling, and universal brotherhood.

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