Do you know? why it is such important for your body, actually there are numerous health benefits of water which we don’t even recognize in  our day time.

Drinking water gives you some amazing results

If you follow these tips you’ll stay away from 90% of disease all your life.

Scientists and doctors have researched on this topic and they have achieved massive results which are hard to believe.

health benefits of water

Drink lots of water ( 12 glass per day)

Pollution, dirt, chemicals, fast food increases toxins in your body that can cause several types of diseases like memory loss, back pain, cholone cancer, low testosterone, nervous system disorder.

One thing can remove all these disorders yes you are right! Water.

Drink 12 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated, flesh and clean

Drink 2 glass of water before going to bed

For those who complains that I do have some hunger issues this is specially for you.

Drink 2 glass water before going to bed because it makes your immune system stronger.

It helps in activating your hunger calls so that you can enjoy your breakfast without converting it to brunch.

Water therapy – health benefits of water.

Researches by many scientists  proves that drinking of right amount of water can remove  90% of asthma, arthritis problem, body pain, headache, heart attack, diabetes.

You need to drink 4 glasses of water every day. You can begin your day with 2 glass of water but later it will be beneficial if you start drinking 4 glass of water.

After drinking water don’t  eat and drink anything until 35 minutes you can eat or drink anything you want.

Benefits of drinking water on empty stomach enhances your metabolic rate and helps in reducing extra calories and helps you in weight loss.

Drinking water on empty stomach enhances red blood cells (RBC’s) in your body upto 10 times

You feel more energetic.

Be hydrated all day long – health benefits of water

Most of the times due to lack of water in your body you get headache.

By drinking 4 glass of water in the morning your morning your body will be hydrated and you’ll feel more energetic.

Benefits of luke warm water

As your body compensates for warm temperature of water, brings your internal temperature down and activates your metabolism.

A small study report says that switching to cold to hot water could help people lose weight through this thermic effect.

Remove toxins and harmful substances

harmful benefits of water

Water removes toxins from your body.

Helps in moisturizing skin and keep your skin glowing.

Famous TV personalities across the globe follow these tips for their glowing skin.

Drink water before hitting your gym

Drink 2-3 glasses of water before exercise.

During exercise we sweat a lot and our body gets dehydrated. We feel tired sometimes.

Drinking water helps in reducing tiredness and maintaining enough water levels in our body.

Drink water when you’re ill

When you drink lot of water your body generates RBC’s and you start feel better.

If you are suffering from body pain, joint pain, lower back pain then your body lacks lubrication liquid which cause pain.

12 glasses of water per day helps in increasing lubrication liquid which in turn helps in feeling energetic all day long.

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