Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

15 Things to Do on a Family Vacation in Madhya Pradesh

Here are things that you must do on a family vacation in Madhya Pradesh.

Orchha Cenotaphs

Heritage Tour to Orchha

Orchha is a perfect place to learn about the rich history of Madhya Pradesh. This place has forts, temples, and cenotaphs. So this place is an example of exquisite Bundela art. UNESCO has made some investments in this place and it is likely to retain its royal look in the future. Located on the bank of Betwa. Orchha is among those places that can transport you to another world.

River Rafting MP

River Rafting at Orchha

River rafting in Orchha is among the best family activities. Different rapid of River Betwa can be experienced. Totally depending upon your family’s physical strength. You can choose the stretch that suits you best.

Hot-Air Ballooning

Hot-Air Ballooning in Pench National Park

Hot air ballooning can be enjoyed by everyone. With the clear and wide sky of Pench National Park and along with favorable altitude. You can view the rich variety of flora and fauna in the park. You must try Hot air ballooning in Madhya Pradesh. Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh.

Wildlife Safari MP

Wildlife Jungle Safaris

Madhya Pradesh and wildlife you should not miss a chance to witness it. If you are taking your family on a holiday in Madhya Pradesh. A wild safari is a must. The state has several wildlife reserves. You can choose the best that suits you.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Shopping in the Old Bazaar of Jabalpur

The market of Jabalpur can give a good competition to any mall in India. You should get to a place like this to see that our shallow high-end lives are nothing but oblivion that costs no sum of money. Visit these bazaars in Jabalpur for an experience. Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh.

Street Food Indore

Street Food in Indore

Indore’s street food, where you can enjoy mouth-watering treats. Such as the shikanji (made with sweetened milk, dry fruits, buttermilk). Poha and jalebi, egg banjo, coconut patties, heeramani, Chola burger. And kulfi falooda. The popular areas include Sarafa, Chappan Dukaan (literally, 56 shops). The MG Road, Chhawni Chowk, and Jail Road.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Witness Age-Old Wall Paintings at Bhimbetka

Taking you somewhere around 30,000 years back in time. Bhimbetka promises an experience of a lifetime. These rock shelters are 100000 years old. It has wall paintings of horses, dancing people, people on hunt dating back to 30000 years from now. Bhimbetka can be a thrilling experience.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Explore the Temple Groups in Khajuraho

The temples at Khajuraho are an ideal place to visit. These temples are some of the most amazing architectural pieces. Keeping in mind its importance, I insist on taking a family tour of Khajuraho temples. Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Sail Through the Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

In Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh, you can go sailing past the Marble Rocks. White in color, these rocks are amazing that everyone will love.  Emerging from the Narmada River, these Marble Rocks are must see in Madhya Pradesh. Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Visit the Sacred City of Ujjain

Also known as the Temple Town of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain is itself a spiritual journey. The city has temples of spiritual and historical importance. It is also among those places to show your kids what our faith is made of and deep-rooted our culture is.

Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh

Enjoy History and Weather at Amarkantak

Amarkantak one of the finest places in Madhya Pradesh. This place is full with nature’s beauty and history. River Narmada starts from Amarkantak, the fourth largest river in India.  Narmada is among the seven sacred rivers in India. The pilgrims take a bath in it believing that their sin is being washed. A hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Amarkantak gives another reason to tourist to visit.

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