Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Tourism

Formerly known as Laccadive Islands. Lakshadweep translates to ‘one hundred thousand islands’ in Malayalam. Home to a few of the most beautiful. And exotic islands and beaches of India. Lakshadweep lies 400km off the southwest coast of the Arabian Sea. The smallest union territory of India has only 36 islands. Having a total area of 32 sq. kilometers. It’s made up of 12 atolls, 3 reefs, and 5 submerged banks. Out of which Ten Islands are inhabited. Keep reading to get to know about Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

Lakshadweep is typically accessed from Kochi (Kerala). And a permit is required to visit Lakshadweep for all tourists. After permit, Indians are permitted to visit all islands. However, even after permit, foreigners are permitted to just visit Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat Islands. Permits can be obtained from Kochi itself.

Perhaps the charm of Lakshadweep islands lies in their remoteness. Far off the beaten track. They attract no hordes of merrymakers to their shores. The islands, though all equally mystical and beautiful. Each offers a unique blend of tourist spots. Some islands have been promoted for diving and water sports. Others have been developed so that people enjoy the charm of relaxation.

Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands

1. Minicoy Island

One of the 36 small islands of Lakshadweep, Minicoy. Also known as Maliku in the local language is one of the best-kept secrets of India. It is located amidst the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea.

The small island encompasses the total area of 4.801 sq. km. And is exclusively known for its vibrant coral reefs, quaint white-sand beaches, and the freshwater of the infinite ocean. Minicoy Island is the second-largest island of the Lakshadweep. And is one of the few inhabited islands of the group. It is best known for its luxury beach resorts. That is an ideal destination for travelers seeking tranquillity.
Tourists can enjoy some of the most memorable moments here during winters and the onset of summer. As the weather here is ideal during those months. This brings Minocy in the list of Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

2. Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island is the major tourist attraction of Lakshadweep. A Union Territory of India. The island is spread over the area of 2.30 sq km. And is surrounded by a lagoon covered with the coral reef. Although the weather remains warm for most of the year. But, the temperature reduces to 27oC in the spring season.

The island has been named among the best gateways from around the world. Travelers can enjoy adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. In order to explore the diverse aquatic life.

Tourists can reach the Bangaram Island through airplanes as well as cruises. Which are available from the Cochin Harbour. Agatti Airport is the nearest domestic airport to Bangaram Island.

3. Agatti Islands

Agatti Islands is considered another jewel from the Lakshadweep group of islands in India. The island is situated on one of the corals of the Lakshadweep islands. And is a few of the islands from the Lakshadweep group that is inhabited by people. One may explore the island on foot or rent a two-wheeler to commute. Every corner of the island is rich with natural vegetation and beautiful geographical formations.

The beautiful Agatti island stretches over an area of 8 kilometres. And it is sparsely populated with around 8000 inhabitants. With a total area of a little over 3 square kilometres. The island may be small compared to many other islands. But it is nothing but a sheer paradise for beach lovers and offbeat travellers.

Agatti Island is the only island belonging to the Lakshadweep group with its airport. That makes the island extremely accessible from major parts of the world. That’s why we recommend Agatti in Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

4. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep is one of the most popular activities amongst travelers. Agatti, Bangaram, and Kadmat islands are the three islands. That proves a perfect setting for the Scuba. Each dive center has attached resorts catering to the needs of beginners. As well as those interested in CMAS and PADI courses by certified divers. The islands are also enriched with a diverse variety of tropical fishes, vibrant corals. And other creatures like turtles, rays, and coral sharks. This makes up to Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

5. Museum

The museum in Agatti Island has located 2 km from the beach near a village. It takes around INR250 in an autorickshaw from the jetty. Motorcycles can also be hired to travel the 2 km distance. The museum is a government-run museum which contains various replicas and sculptures of marine life.

Various corals, shells, fish, and aquatic animals are found in aquarium-like enclosures. Trinkets like ornaments, headgear, clothing, etc. belonging to the tribes from different parts of the Lakshadweep islands are found in this place.

6. Kavaratti Islands

Kavaratti is a small island spread across an area of 3.93 sqm km. And one of the most beautiful gems from the Lakshadweep islands. The island is home to 12 atolls, five submerged banks, and three coral reefs. The spectacular views of the Arabian sea, the sparkling white-sand beaches. Offer solace amidst the tranquil nature.

Kavaratti is best known for its coconut trees. A vast expanse of marine life, beautiful sceneries, and enthralling water sports. Kavaratti lies 360 km from the shores of Kochi. It doesn’t have its airport. And Agatti is the nearest airport to the island. Under the mission to develop smart cities. Kavaratti has been chosen to be developed into a smart city in the years to come. This makes up toTop 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

7. Lighthouse

Lighthouse, also known as South Side Lighthouse, was constructed by the British in 1885. It is counted amongst the oldest lighthouses in Lakshadweep. And was under British control until India’s independence. It has a height of around 300 ft, which makes it visible even from a distance.

The Lakshadweep Islands, Arabian Sea, and the Virgin Islands. Can be seen from the top of this Lighthouse. It is surrounded by coconut groves and white sand.

8. Water Sports in Lakshadweep Islands

Apart from admiring the nature, the next best thing on any vacationer’s ‘to-do list’ should be water sports. There are plenty of opportunities for Scuba diving, Yachting, Pedal boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Snorkeling, etc.

There is no way one should miss out on these. Also, a visit to the lighthouse and a few local houses would complete the trip! This makes up to Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

 Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

9. Kadmat

Sprawling over 9.3 km in length. Kadmat Island is a gorgeous island that is part of the Amindivi subgroup of islands in the Lakshadweep archipelago. Boasting of silvery-white beaches, sunkissed shores, wonderful blue lagoons, azure blue waters. And vibrant coral reefs, Kadmat Island is a travelers’ delight.

The picturesque island is infested with marine turtles that live and breed here. Other than that, the island just has one inhabited village called Kadmat. Where fishing is a major occupation. Kadmat Island offers a host of activities to its guests. Which is why it is thronged by thousands of tourists every year. Some of the most popular activities and things to do on the island are scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and paragliding. This makes up toTop 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

10. Amini Beach

Amini Beach is located on the island of Amini in Lakshadweep. The eastern and western sides of the beach are covered with coral sandstone. That is used for construction purposes. Tourists can enjoy swimming, reef walking and basking on this sandy beach. Water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, and surfing can also be done. Corals can be seen by sailing in glass-bottomed boats. This makes up toTop 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

On Amini Beach, visitors can buy souvenirs. Like walking sticks made with tortoise and coconut shells along with coir products. Folk songs performed by the local people are another attraction.

11. Andretti Island

Also known as Andrott Island. This is the largest island of Lakshadweep. And is located closest to the Indian mainland. Unlike other islands, the Andretti islands are in the east-west direction.

The island is also inhabited. But has been able to maintain its beauty and charm. It also provides enough opportunities for its visitors to mingle with nature. Spending the evenings at the seaside could be very relaxing. And if you are lucky enough. You might be able to spot various aquatic animals including octopuses. Andretti Island is also famous for some Buddhist archaeological remains. And the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah. However, foreign tourists are not allowed to visit this island. This makes up toTop 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

12. Lagoon

Beyond the jetty in Agatti Island, there is a large lagoon with clear water. This is the place through which the boats enter the jetty. With glass-bottomed boats, the lagoon can be seen with the aquatic animals. Such as fishes, crabs, floating reefs, etc.

The water is about 10 ft deep. But the bottom is visible through the clear waters. Boats to go into the lagoon are found in the jetty. Also, the facilities of kayaking. And other water-based activities are available here. This makes up toTop 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

13. Yacht Cruise

Lakshadweep Islands are a perfect destination to go on a luxury Yacht Cruise. Sailing amidst indigo blue waters and divine white sands. The experience is going to be a memorable one. And is sure to stay with you for a long time. You might also be able to spot exotic fish. And turtles while you are out there. Besides giving you the bliss of thrill and adventure. This is one of the most pristine things to do in Lakshadweep. This makes up to Top 15 Activities To Do In Lakshadweep Islands.

14. Pitti Island

Pitti Island is a small uninhabited island by the Agatti Island in the Lakshadweep archipelago and is a part of the Pitti bank. Amini Island and Pitti Island are a part of the sunken atoll, which is also well known for the variety of birds. This particular island has been converted into a bird sanctuary.

15. Parasailing in Lakshadweep

Parasailing is one of the most thrilling activities. That you can enjoy at several places in Lakshadweep. You are set to sail in the air through steam and jet boats. And the experience is going to be like no place else. Besides, enjoying a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the sand and the sea. Parasailing above the clear waters will give you a high adrenaline rush. And an experience that you will surely never forget.

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