Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island

Nestled heavenly in the expanse of the Laccadive Sea. Lakshadweep is a group of beautiful islands off the southwestern coast of India. And is one of the seven union territories of the country. Characterized by unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees, and a paradisal environment. Lakshadweep is an ultimate destination in India for every nature lover. Here is a list of Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island.

It is one of the few places in India which remain uncrowded despite being the most popular tourist stoppages. Therefore, it has always been a haven for travelers. From exploring the beauty of coral reefs to relaxing in the soothing turquoise waters of the sea to lazing by sandy beaches to going scuba diving. There is a lot within the boundaries of Lakshadweep which can provide you with the best of travel experiences.

But do you know there are certain things which every traveler must abide by to avoid any kind of discomfort or problem? The following are the things that you must keep in mind before traveling to Lakshadweep.

Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island

1) Picking Up Corals Is A Punishable Offence

Apart from blue soothing waters and sandy beaches. Atolls and coral reefs are the major things that define the beauty of Lakshadweep. So, do not try to harm these corals for fun. Believe us, the government of the union territory has passed a law regarding the protection of coral reefs. If anyone is found harming them, they might be imprisoned for life. Nobody would love to find themselves behind bars. Especially in such a paradisal territory. That’s why we consider this in Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island.

2) Ban On Alcohol Consumption

If you are an alcoholic, then sorry to say it but Lakshadweep is not your destination. Lakshadweep government has put a ban on alcohol consumption. Everywhere within its boundaries, except Bangaram Island. This island is an uninhabited one. However, it is home to a private resort with a bar. Hence, special permission has been given to people on this island to consume alcohol. Anyway, who would love to get high on alcohol at such an amazing place? Lakshadweep is a place for those who love getting high on the grandeur of nature. Well, this makes to Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island.

3) Have Areas With No Telcom Service

You have to be ready for this before planning a trip to the gorgeous Lakshadweep Islands. Yes, there are only a few areas in this union territory. Where you can connect yourself to the outer world. Otherwise, at all other places, it is hard to find any active telecom service. By the way, when life has given you beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters. And a pleasant paradisal environment, why not put all other things aside and enjoy them to the fullest.

4) Coconut Water Is Cheaper Than Mineral Water

This might come as a surprise to you. But it is completely true. As Lakshadweep is located in the midst of a sea, the insufficiency of fresh drinkable water. Has resulted in the costliness of mineral water. And as coconut trees are present in abundant quantity. And coconuts are natural sources of water. It has become cheaper than processed mineral water. After all, who doesn’t love the sweet taste of coconut water?

5) Be Aware Of Crabs While On Beaches

It is the major thing which you must not forget while planning a tour of Lakshadweep beaches. These sandy expanses with a glittering touch might look photogenic. But you need to very careful while lazing by them. As they are also home to several crab families. It’s not like that each and every beach is filled with crabs. However, you still need to be aware of the fact before resting yourself upon them.

So, this was a list of Top 5 Things You Should Avoid In Lakshadweep Island. And believe me guys, people of Lakshadweep are really strict with these rules.

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