What is the nature of the Indian Constitution?

Hi, friends Today in this blog we will focus on the introduction and overview of the Nature of Indian constitution. Before knowing or understanding the nature of the Indian constitution, first we need to know about what is the real meaning of the Indian constitution?

A constitution is primarily a set of rules and principles specifying how a country should be governed, how power is distributed and controlled, it is not only talking about the power of different organ of Indian constitution but also talked about the procedure how this power to be exercised if it provides the procedure of how to make law then it also includes the procedure how to strike down those laws which are inconsistent with the fundamental rights.

What is the nature of the Indian Constitution?
Constitution of india

So, in short, it is not false to say that it is a soul of all the laws that prevail in India.

Now come back to our question of what is the true nature of the Indian constitution. But before knowing the answer to that question we have to know how to find the nature of any constitution

According to its nature, all the constitution is either unitary or federal.

In a unitary constitution, the power of the government is centralized in the central government and provinces are made subordinate to the center.

On the other hand, In the federal constitution, there is a division of powers between the federal and the state government and both are independent in their own spere.

This is not the only sole criterion to find out the nature of the Indian constitution there are so many features that can decide the true nature of the constitution of any country.

Now we can see other features of the federal constitution?

What is the nature of the Indian Constitution?

Essentials characteristics of a federal constitution:

  1. Distribution of powers
  2. supremacy of constitution
  3. a written constitution
  4. rigidity
  5. the authority of the courts

Features which do not exist in any other federal constitution or feature of the unitary constitution:-

  • absence of dual citizenship
  • single constituent authority
  • mitigation of rigidity and legalism
  • to become unitary in emergency and
  • uniformity in the basic matters i.e.
  • single judiciary for center and states
  • uniformity in civil and criminal law
  • uniformity in all Indian services

Now we talked about Indian constitution or constitution of India that the constitution of Indian constitution is neither purely federal nor purely unitary but is a combination of both it is mainly federal with unique safeguards for enforcing national unity and growth

Others feature which Indian constitution possess or we called it a basic silent feature of the Indian constitution are as follows:-

  • Indian constitution is the lengthiest constitution of the word
  • Establishment of a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic
  • Establishment of parliamentary form of government
  • A unique mixture of rigidity and flexibility
  • fundamental rights
  • directives principle of state policy
  • Establishment of a federal with the strong centralizing tendency
  • Adult suffrage
  • An independent judiciary
  • Establishment of a secular state
  • Single citizenship
  • Fundamental duties

which we can discuss deeply in our other blog hope this blog helps you a lot in understanding the true nature of the Indian constitution…

There is a lot more we can learn about Indian constitution from the web and here is the link of Wikipedia website: click here

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